OMG! Calves are hurting!!!

Yesterday I went for a hike with my Teammate Shabnam and a few friends. For some reason she thought a grueling eight mile hike would be good for me! She wanted to prove something to me I guess. Something about being able to do more than I thought I could do or something else noble like that… This all started from a conversation where I was whining about how I hate going up hills (specifically on a bike or running).

Shabnam couldn’t have picked a better day for a hike! It was rainy and cold, a day much better spent indoors in my opinion, but I still managed to have a good time. Yancy had planned to go with us, but backed out last minute (to work on his computer I think). Five of us hiked up “Big Si” Mountain in North Bend… 8 miles total, gaining about 3,500 feet… pretty much straight up! I was the slowest of the group and felt lame always having to call a stop to catch my breath. Everyone else looked comfortable. But we climbed those 4 miles of 3,500 foot incline at a pace of about 30-32 minutes/mile. That’s actually a really good pace! My legs were basically spent by the time we got to the top. Well, we didn’t go all the way to the top. That would have included scrambling over a nasty pile of wet rocks called “the haystack”… We stopped for a while to eat snacks & candy and sit around shivering. One of the guys on the hike made us hot chocolate which was the highlight of my day. We stayed up there a little too long because I got REALLY cold. The walk back down was easier, but my feet and knees were a little sore by the end. Mostly I was just freezing and sick of being wet. We had a late lunch at the North Bend Bar & Grill. That burger tasted soooo good!

The soreness really kicked in this morning. I was shocked at how stiff my calves were when I stepped out of bed. They actually hurt now, and get worse every time I sit for a while and get back up. My calves hurt so bad that I’m not really feeling pain anywhere else. And it’ll probably be worse tomorrow… gotta love that “2-day curse!” This whole weekend was really intense for the leg muscles: Friday, my personal trainer “focused on running muscles” in our workout, Saturday I did a 25 mile bike ride on rolling hills (in the wet & cold), and Sunday I did a hard 8 mile hike (in the wet & cold)!   Oh I can’t wait for the summer!

Tonight is swim practice with the Team and I’m really nervous. I have a history of cramping in the feet and calves if I do intense exercise the day before swimming (usually when I do speed intervals of running). Not sure how the calves will handle pushing off of the pool wall. We shall soon see.  (next rest day is Thursday I think)

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