I made a cool realization today. I’ve nearly kicked this cold in only 3 days! When I was less healthy I used to literally be down with a cold for about 2 weeks. My immune system must be getting stronger!!! That’s definitely a byproduct of my new lifestyle. Lots of exercise, carrying less weight, drinking less alcohol and other liquid calories, and getting better sleep. It feels good to see improvements! I went out with the Team this morning, not too sure how many miles I’d be able to do. I did the 25 mile bike ride on Mercer Island without too much trouble (except a constantly running nose, but what else is new?) and actually made good time! I made a half-ass attempt at a transition run, and only started coughing when I was on my way back. Still, I was quite miserable on Wednesday with a cold, made it though my ten hour work days on Wed & Thursday, rested on Friday, and feel ready to take on the world today. That’s progress! :O)

Here’s an older picture of me, taken several hours after finishing my first triathlon in Hawaii. Note the look of joy & pride.  :O)

After my first triathlon March 2009


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