Valentines ;)

I had a wonderful day with Yancy yesterday! We slept in and Yancy made french toast for me. We got coffee and then went for a very long walk through Ikea. Did lots of dreaming about our future home and talking about Tuscan style. Had pizza for lunch, then went to Castle Bridge Winery for our date. We tasted several fantastic wines then got to pour two bottles of wine, cork and foil them, and then add labels with our names. It went quickly, but was actually really fun. Then we did more furniture browsing at Mor furniture. We were pretty much sick and tired of furniture stores by the time we left. But I did find a massage chair that I really want…. only $1500….  😛  Ha ha!

For dinner I cooked one of the best meals I’ve done in a long while. All ingredients were fresh (well except for the spices and sun-dried tomatoes). I made butternut squash risotto, asparagus, and pork chops with onion, garlic, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, and LOTS of seasonings. I sprinkled a little feta cheese on the pork and it tasted great. But the risotto… OMG, the yummiest rice ever! Ate the left overs for lunch AND dinner tonight and can’t wait to make it again! 🙂 Desert was angle food cake with fresh cut strawberries and whipped cream.

Today it was back to work as usual, but a fairly easy day. Highlight of today was getting roses at work from Yancy. They’re beautiful! A bunch of coworkers came by and expressed jealousy. 😉 I am so in love with my husband! We have been married now for 5+ years (together for over 8) and he’s still my best friend and favorite person to spend time with. I honestly consider myself the luckiest person I know.

Tonight we swam hard at practice. I did 2200 meters. Even though that’s about the same as last week, I actually swam at harder intensities, but with longer breaks and feel even more tired tonight. Yancy and I are both seeing improvements in our swim. I’m super proud of Yancy’s progress! Wish I was doing as well at running.  😛   Well, I better get to bed for 5am comes too early!

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