Still under the weather

Made it through another work week, but feeling worse for the wear. After Yancy left for work this morning I took “non-drowsy” Dayquil and went back to bed… and passed out until about noon! Feeling so tired today and not really trying to push myself to do anything. When the body screams “Rest!” I’ll do it. I did catch up on banking stuff  and cleaned out my email inbox. Went from over 150 messages to 30. It feels good to have some sort of organization in my life. It’s also nice to spend some cuddle time with my cat. It’s a beautiful (but cold) day out and I’m kind of feeling bummed about being stuck inside. But life goes on! There will be plenty of sunny days spent outdoors this summer. And I’ll enjoy them that much more.

Tonight Yancy and I are meeting with some friends from the Team to throw together our final plans for tomorrow night’s fundraiser. A chocolate and wine tasting with auction items, music, bachelor/bachelorette auction, and a lot more fun.

I’ve been entertaining myself lately with researching Tuscan style and design. It’s what Yancy and I are attracted to as far as decorating our home. Without really trying, we’ve already incorporated Tuscan style into our apartment, from color choices to wall hangings and accessories. We’re also very interested in the concept of “minimal living.” We want to declutter and eliminate excess junk. Keeping only what we need (and having it organized). We want a clean and simple home that is still warm and inviting. When we move it’s going to be a lot of extra work weeding out things we don’t want to bring. But we get to start with a clean slate. A new home. It’s all so exciting… and exhausting.  :O)


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