Cooking is fun!

On my way to bed, but had to brag about tonight’s cooking adventure. I made stuffed peppers. First I cooked a yummy tomato, mushroom risotto with fresh garlic and basil. Then I stuffed/baked it inside bell peppers with a little cheese. Then topped it with a little of my favorite Newman’s Own marinara sauce. Most of them are for a potluck at work tomorrow, but one is for Yancy’s lunch tomorrow and the other one we split for a late night snack (had to eat something earlier ’cause this takes too long to cook). I just love cooking from scratch and am having a blast putting all my favorite foods and spices together. 🙂

Stuffed peppers

I’m still under the weather. Starting to think I may have a sinus infection. I’ll try to see a doctor tomorrow at work. The timing really sucks because this weekend we have a big hike and bike ride (that we already registered for).

I’m a little behind on the blog. Had a mostly restful weekend, but did get out each day. A wine/chocolate/auction fundraiser on Saturday night, and the Seattle Home Show on Sunday. Work is still busy and a little stressful. Oh, and some stressful news today on Yancy’s job…. will tell more on that soon when we get more info. Things could be getting a lot more stressful soon. 😦

I’ll post more later. G’night!


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