So I saw the doctor yesterday to confirm a sinus infection and get an rx for antibiotics. Yipee. At least I can look forward to getting better instead of continually feeling worse like I have for the last few days. My coworker will be back from vacation tomorrow so I don’t have to “hold down the fort” anymore. In fact, if we get the predicted snow storm tonight I might not even go in tomorrow. Issaquah gets really heavy snow and people in Seattle tend to freak out with this kind of weather.

Apparently things are about to start happening with the home buying situation. They’re asking us today how quickly we can close… which isn’t exactly in our hands because we’ve got an FHA loan. So we signed the papers and sent them back. Maybe tomorrow or Friday the sellers’ bank will accept our offer…

But what I’m more stressed about right now is Yancy’s job. He’s loosing his position again at AT&T. In a way this is good because he really hated the job. But the timing is REALLY bad. If the Tek company he works through can transfer him to another position, all should be fine. But if he completely leaves Tek, then we’ll have to report it to the bank and possibly loose our home loan.  😦  Only time will tell what’s going to happen. I’ll keep you posted.


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