Feeling better & Cook book

I woke up this morning feeling better than I have in 2 weeks. Finally able to lay down and still breath. Other than a very annoying cough, and some fatigue, I’m nearly over this thing! As much as I hate it, having a very lazy day was good for me. I’m not really looking forward to getting back to training… it’s always hard after a cold. But I’m still going to attempt tomorrow’s 6 mile training hike on Tiger Mountain and Sunday’s 33 mile “Chilly Hilly” bike ride on Bainbridge Island. The cold seems to trigger coughing fits, so not sure how fun these two outings will be. Stupid sickness! I can’t wait for the warmer days of summer! And this summer will probably be the best ever! My husband and I will be doing triathlons together and insanely long bike rides, and then I’ll be training for my first marathon!

But first, I need to work on loosing some weight. I feel like I may have lost some over the last two weeks, but that’s probably more muscle loss from lack of training. Yancy and I need to make better food choices…. I know, I know, I sound like a broken record. I’ve been saying this for years. But now that we’re training, the time seems right. Thanks to a suggestion from a friend, we bought a really good cook book called “The Food Matters Cook Book” by Mark Bittman. I HIGHLY recommend this book! It’s all about eating more responsibly. Making food choices that are more healthy for you AND the planet. Eating less animal and pre-processed products, and eating more plant foods. I’ve wanted to eat more veggies for a long time, but lack the inspiration, motivation, and know how to cook them. This cook book has tons of recipes that I can try, they look simple, and are flexible. This book may literally change my life!

Last night’s dinner wasn’t from the book, but it was really good. Lentil soup. It did take over an hour to cook, but was amazingly easy. I started with a little box of lentils and a spice packet. Added an onion, 2 cans of tomatoes, water, and some sausage. YUM! And we have enough leftovers for at least 2 more meals.

Today is sunny, cold, and magnificent. I am going to spend it indoors, for my last day of recovery, but I won’t be laying around all day. There’s a HUGE pile of laundry and lots of house cleaning to do. But at least I get to enjoy lots of sunlight coming through the windows.   :O)    There’s lots to smile about today.

Here are two photos taken from my bedroom window. The snowy one from yesterday and the frosty/beautiful sunrise/moon/Mt Rainier view one from this morning:


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