It’s official

Ok, I made the big announcement today. I’m officially joining the Team in Training Nike Women’s Marathon team!!! Here’s the link for my fundraising page: I’m a little excited and scared about this. A full marathon has to be the hardest sport! At least in the triathlon I have other sports that I enjoy (mostly swimming), but a marathon is a long 26.2 miles of pounding the pavement. I really hate running too. But I feel that this is my biggest challenge, and once I conquer the marathon, I can do anything! I do dream of doing an Ironman in the near future, so a marathon this year makes sense. And I can’t imagine a better way to do my first one than with the Team. I’ll be making new friends, raising more money for charity, and learning from experienced athletes. This particular marathon also looks like a fantastic first race, designed as an inspirational race for women. The course has cool quotes along the way, and the finisher metal is a necklace from Tiffany & Co! 🙂

The season kick off for the marathon team is 4/28/11. I’ll miss most of the first two months of training because I’m still doing my Half Iron Triathlon (with Yancy). But I figure the triathlon (& the STP bike ride) will have me in good shape. Don’t worry, I’ll be taking some recovery time this summer to give my body some rest. And then I’ll probably take at least a month off of training during the winter. Wow, this is kind of a big deal. I’m going to pass physical boundaries that I’ve never approached before. And I know I can do it. I can do anything I set my mind to!



Yancy had a root canal this morning. I ended up waiting the entire two+ hours in the dentist lobby… realizing that I could never do a desk job. I hate sitting in the same spot for too long. He’s feeling fine. They gave him a prescription for codeine with tylenol so I get to baby-sit for a while. Whoo hoo. But I’m happy to have a quiet/restfull day too. We’ll get massages tonight and have a few things planned for tomorrow. Most of all, I’m looking forward to getting out of town this weekend and visiting family.   🙂


I’m sore in interesting places today… Yesterday we got our friends (& Yancy’s dad) together for a big work party to earn a donation to LLS. We spent about 6 hours working on Karen’s yard. LOTS of weeding, pruning, picking up yard waste, raking, digging, carrying dirt/gravel/bark…. Whew, just getting tired thinking of it. REALLY wish I had taken before and after pictures! It’s absolutely amazing what a crew can get done in one day, the yard looks great!  🙂 Karen and her husband are making a generous donation to our chosen charity. We appreciate the opportunity they gave us (not to mention a good physical workout)! It was actually kind of fun to spend the day outdoors with our friends, getting dirty, and making a difference. And then we ate Yancy’s amazing chili and some yummy cornbread. Everything tasted so good after a hard day’s work.  😉

Yancy’s dad went home this morning and I went to work. Had to take some Aleve for an achy low back, but not feeling too bad. Tonight it’s swim practice and the rest of the week I have off of work. Yahoo!!! Poor Yancy is getting a root canal tomorrow so I’ll be taking care of him for the morning. Really looking forward to the massage tomorrow night!!! Talk at ya later! 😛

Rain, rain, go away!

It’s a good thing I was able to take advantage of yesterday’s sun, because it’s gone today. This morning was a Team run from Rachel’s house to Discovery Park, a lap or two around the park, then back to Rachel’s house for breakfast. Rachel is the daughter of one of my teammates, and happens to be the roommate of my friend Bex (I met both through TNT). It was actually not too cold out, but it was wet. Yancy’s legs are still hurting him from last week’s half marathon (an overuse injury perhaps?), and my knees weren’t feeling too hot so we ended up walking most of the run (my Garmin says 5.35 miles). Still nice to get outside in the fresh air and have a nice long walk with my husband, followed by homemade breakfast with friends!

Yancy’s dad came over the mountains to spend some time with us and help with our big project tomorrow. We’ll be doing a Spring makeover of Captain Karen’s yard for a large donation to LLS. I think it’s actually going to be fun. All our best buds together, working outside… Oh, and Yancy and I have cooked some delicious chilli and cornbread to feed the crew.   🙂

I was disappointed to miss Ben Davis‘ Seattle 5k meetup, but hopefully will get a chance towards the end of summer.

A beautiful view from Discovery Park. I'll have to come back when the weather is nicer.

Fine day!

After work last night I dug deep and found some small “strength of will” which helped me go to the pool instead of heading home. Thursday nights are tough because I’m usually tired from the long week and want nothing more than to go home and laze around. Yancy was tired too, but we got in the pool and did a full work out. 1800 yards for him and 2200 for me. We both felt sooo much better afterwards! Swimming in an outdoor pool always makes me happy, and the hot tub afterwards helps. Mostly I’m just glad that we finally put all excuses aside and got our Thursday night workout in.

This morning I went to see Kari Studley, a physical therapist at Corpore Sano, for a bike fit and some help with sports performance (to avoid injury). She’s conveniently covered by my insurance and really knowledgeable about all things cycling. She checked my flexibility and cycling form, then made some changes on my bike and gave me some stretching homework. I follow up in 2 weeks. Yancy had mid-afternoon plans to play some game online, so I went for a solo bike ride to test the new adjustments. 32 miles, and feeling good! Kari made it so I’m sitting a little more upright which helps with my back pain and pedaling efficiency. And what a beautiful day for a ride!! At the turn around point (Matthew’s Beach) I stopped for a nice little break. Looking back across the lake towards home, it looked like rain. Luckily I made it home before the rain hit, but the last 6 miles where against the wind. Still, I’m super happy that I went out and enjoyed that sunshine. I guess the rest of the weekend is supposed to be rainy.  😦   Tomorrow morning we have a run & breakfast with the team. Should be fun. Then Yancy’s dad is coming to visit us. We have a big yard work day on Sunday as a fundraiser for the triathlon. Hope the weather cooperates!

I just have to say that I’m super happy that it’s SPRING!!! YAY!!!!!  :O)


We took last night off of training with the intention of cleaning house… but homemade pizza, wine, and a movie happened instead.  😛

Ah well, I think we deserved a nice “recovery” break. It’s back to running tonight.

Going to be sore

My quads and hips are tight this morning. Usually I don’t get too sore until the second day after my intense excise… we’ll see what happens. I iced my knees last night and they seem fine today. Happy Monday!  😛


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