Weekend went too fast

Today Yancy and I met up with our long time friends Mike & Joey for the Seattle Sounders vs Vancouver White Caps soccer game. It was outdoors at the Star Fire stadium in Taquila. A beautiful day, but cold! The Sounders lost 3-2. Kind of sad, but there were some exciting moments. Most of the players were “second strand” and I had never seen many of them. I have a few new favorites to watch for this season. It was fun to be at the game and so close to the field, but I have to admit I kind of prefer watching the games on tv so I can see replays.  😉  I love soccer!!!

No exercise today, and poor food choices. I’ve really got to buckle down. Some people eat less when they’re stressed… I want to eat more… and worse foods. On a more positive note, I found another cook book today with some recipes I can wait to try, like ginger-cod steak. Now if only I had more time to be adventurous in the kitchen!!! I didn’t really cook too much this weekend. A homemade pizza and some pasta, nothing spectacular. I should have more time next weekend and I’ll let you know what I try.

Wish Yancy and I luck this coming week. I hope he can find a great job super quick!  🙂


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