Time to catch up

I’ve been away from the blog too long and feel like there’s too much news to catch up on. Here’s the overview: We FINALLY heard back from the house we had an offer in on. Before we even looked at the house, the seller had dropped the asking price to $220k which is what we offered (also asking them to cover a portion of the closing costs). After about 2 months of waiting, the seller’s bank counter-offered, saying the house price is now $250k!!! Needless to say, we refused their counter and rescinded our offer… not that we would qualify for the loan at this point anyways. It has been 2 weeks and Yancy hasn’t found a new job. Supposedly he’s still being considered for the one he phone interviewed for last week. Also, there’s another position at Amazon that might be a possibility. So things are ALL up in the air until he finds a new job. Then we’ll have to decide if we want to continue with the house buying process, or if we’ll just go back to “Plan A” which was to get into a super cheap apartment for the next year or two and concentrate on getting out of debt. His new job will also give us a better idea of what area we want to live in (& what price range). So for now, I just have to try to be patient and see what happens.

Triathlon training is going pretty well. Last Saturday I did a 31 mile bike ride on one of the most miserable rainy days I can remember… not exactly fun. But I burned major calories and earned some mental toughness points. (Yancy did more miles and had even less fun.) Sunday we did circuit training class, which totally kicked my butt. Had two days of soreness in muscles that I had forgotten existed. 🙂 Monday I had an amazing swim practice. We did interval training. It’s kind of hard to explain, but for those who can appreciate the info: the main segment was 12 sets of 100 meters on a set time interval. I was consistently leaving the wall every 2 minutes and 15 seconds. (swimming 100 meters in 2 minutes, that many times in a row, is pretty impressive) The total swim was 2200 meters and it felt good! Tuesday night was one of my favorite aspects of triathlon training, a one hour massage.  😉  Wednesday we did hill repeats at run practice, running backwards up the hill every third time. Whew, that one gets you! Thursday we rested. Friday I went for a swim in the outdoor pool at the swim club. I had this big idea that I was going to swim 1900 meters (which is the half iron triathlon swim distance) on Friday, bike 48-50 miles on Saturday, then do the half marathon on Sunday (a “tri-weekend” of nearly the same distances for our triathlon). Several people told Yancy and I that maybe we should take it easy and save energy for Sunday’s run. We ended up taking their advice in the end. My swim was cut short by some guy claiming that he “saw a flash” which resulted in us getting kicked out of the pool. There were no indoor lanes open so I was pretty ticked. Mainly because none of the life guards saw the alleged flash, and no one heard thunder. I was 3/4’s through my swim and feeling really good, so that was annoying. Ah well. Life goes on.

Saturday we were supposed to do a fun long bike ride with the team, but instead, ended up doing a ride on our own. It was the first sunny day we’ve had in longer than I care to count. Yancy and I did the 22 mile loop around Lake Sammamish. It was beautiful out and I was one happy girl! Riding in the sun (even if it was in the low 40’s), listening to birds sing, looking at the beautiful lake, and spending quality time with my husband… wow, what a perfect way to spend a Saturday morning! We had planned to do two loops, but stuck with just one. I’ve been stressing a little bit about the half marathon because I haven’t trained for the distance. Being sick last month really took a lot out of me. But today I did it! I set the Garmin for 5 minute run/ 2 minute walk intervals and was pretty consistent with it for the first 10 miles. That put me pretty close to a 12 minute/mile pace. I started feeling a little tired around mile 6, started getting really sore around mile 9, and ended up walking a majority of the last 3 miles (lots of long hills). Mercer Island is absolutely beautiful and the weather was better today than it has been for the last five years of this event. But the roads are sloped in many areas and really tough on the joints. I finished the race in 2 hours, 56 minutes, 49 seconds. (maybe 1 minute faster than last year) I’m actually happy with that time since, as I mentioned earlier, I haven’t trained for the 13 mile distance this year. Also it felt good that I wasn’t getting too out of breath and my heart rate was staying at an acceptable rate. My knees are mildly aching, as is my back and the bottoms of my feet (no blisters), but overall I’m feeling happy and proud of this accomplishment.  🙂 Yancy did the half marathon as well, finishing about 7 minutes ahead of me (but he appears to be more sore than I am). I’m not sure if I’ll do this particular race again because of the sloping roads, but it’s definitely not my last half marathon! Things are only going to get more exciting after this.

We’re jumping right back to regular training with swim practice tomorrow and personal training on Tuesday (if we’re up for it). I just got up and walked around and the knees are pretty achy. Putting ice on them now.

Happy first day of Spring by the way!

On the cooking subject, I made Grandma’s yummy broccoli-cheese-rice casserole today for our Team get-togther (half way celebration) and of course it was a big hit. Thanks Grandma for sharing one of my favorite dishes with me so I can share it with my friends! Last week I made ginger cod fillets, cooked in foil, and a delicious macaroni & cheese made from scratch. I am getting better at looking through recipes for inspiration, then doing my own thing. Yancy thinks I’m trying to fatten him up, but I’m really cooking mostly healthy foods. I may be a domestic diva after all!  🙂

Tomorrow it’s back to work. I can’t complain because I had a fantastic weekend! Also, I only have one more full week, then work the 28th, then have a little vacation (because my doctor is taking time off). I’m hoping to go visit family, but it depends on what happens with Yancy’s job. Thanks to all my blog readers, it’s fun to put things in writing and share my life with others. I’ll try to post more often so I can be more personal, rather than just getting you up to date.

All this for only one week in the life of Amy Lynn. Until next time, I hope you are happy and healthy!!


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