Fine day!

After work last night I dug deep and found some small “strength of will” which helped me go to the pool instead of heading home. Thursday nights are tough because I’m usually tired from the long week and want nothing more than to go home and laze around. Yancy was tired too, but we got in the pool and did a full work out. 1800 yards for him and 2200 for me. We both felt sooo much better afterwards! Swimming in an outdoor pool always makes me happy, and the hot tub afterwards helps. Mostly I’m just glad that we finally put all excuses aside and got our Thursday night workout in.

This morning I went to see Kari Studley, a physical therapist at Corpore Sano, for a bike fit and some help with sports performance (to avoid injury). She’s conveniently covered by my insurance and really knowledgeable about all things cycling. She checked my flexibility and cycling form, then made some changes on my bike and gave me some stretching homework. I follow up in 2 weeks. Yancy had mid-afternoon plans to play some game online, so I went for a solo bike ride to test the new adjustments. 32 miles, and feeling good! Kari made it so I’m sitting a little more upright which helps with my back pain and pedaling efficiency. And what a beautiful day for a ride!! At the turn around point (Matthew’s Beach) I stopped for a nice little break. Looking back across the lake towards home, it looked like rain. Luckily I made it home before the rain hit, but the last 6 miles where against the wind. Still, I’m super happy that I went out and enjoyed that sunshine. I guess the rest of the weekend is supposed to be rainy.  😦   Tomorrow morning we have a run & breakfast with the team. Should be fun. Then Yancy’s dad is coming to visit us. We have a big yard work day on Sunday as a fundraiser for the triathlon. Hope the weather cooperates!

I just have to say that I’m super happy that it’s SPRING!!! YAY!!!!!  :O)


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