Rain, rain, go away!

It’s a good thing I was able to take advantage of yesterday’s sun, because it’s gone today. This morning was a Team run from Rachel’s house to Discovery Park, a lap or two around the park, then back to Rachel’s house for breakfast. Rachel is the daughter of one of my teammates, and happens to be the roommate of my friend Bex (I met both through TNT). It was actually not too cold out, but it was wet. Yancy’s legs are still hurting him from last week’s half marathon (an overuse injury perhaps?), and my knees weren’t feeling too hot so we ended up walking most of the run (my Garmin says 5.35 miles). Still nice to get outside in the fresh air and have a nice long walk with my husband, followed by homemade breakfast with friends!

Yancy’s dad came over the mountains to spend some time with us and help with our big project tomorrow. We’ll be doing a Spring makeover of Captain Karen’s yard for a large donation to LLS. I think it’s actually going to be fun. All our best buds together, working outside… Oh, and Yancy and I have cooked some delicious chilli and cornbread to feed the crew.   🙂

I was disappointed to miss Ben Davis‘ Seattle 5k meetup, but hopefully will get a chance towards the end of summer.

A beautiful view from Discovery Park. I'll have to come back when the weather is nicer.


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