I’m sore in interesting places today… Yesterday we got our friends (& Yancy’s dad) together for a big work party to earn a donation to LLS. We spent about 6 hours working on Karen’s yard. LOTS of weeding, pruning, picking up yard waste, raking, digging, carrying dirt/gravel/bark…. Whew, just getting tired thinking of it. REALLY wish I had taken before and after pictures! It’s absolutely amazing what a crew can get done in one day, the yard looks great!  🙂 Karen and her husband are making a generous donation to our chosen charity. We appreciate the opportunity they gave us (not to mention a good physical workout)! It was actually kind of fun to spend the day outdoors with our friends, getting dirty, and making a difference. And then we ate Yancy’s amazing chili and some yummy cornbread. Everything tasted so good after a hard day’s work.  😉

Yancy’s dad went home this morning and I went to work. Had to take some Aleve for an achy low back, but not feeling too bad. Tonight it’s swim practice and the rest of the week I have off of work. Yahoo!!! Poor Yancy is getting a root canal tomorrow so I’ll be taking care of him for the morning. Really looking forward to the massage tomorrow night!!! Talk at ya later! 😛


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