A tough workout

My ride ended up being another frustrating one, but I still got all the mileage in (thanks to my great teammate Arlene). I had another slow leak in my back tire which slowed me down. Tried putting air in it, only to have the tire go completely flat a few miles later. And when stopping to change the tube I got my cleat stuck to the pedal and took a fall right on the road (thank god no cars were there to run me over). Bruised my wrist and scraped my knees, but otherwise no real damage. Changed the tire a little faster than last week and added a little more air at our halfway point. By the time Arlene and I finished the 44 mile bike ride most of our team was already done with their run. But we went and did the whole thing anyways (44 mile bike, 8 miles run/walk). I’m proud of us. When it would be easy to blame the slowness on the tire and cut short our miles for the day, we stuck with it and had a really nice time. The weather was ok. Sunny and warm at times, but some random dark clouds floating around.

When Yancy and I got home, we found the tire to be flat AGAIN! That’s the 3rd tube in 2 rides! So we put it back on the car and and went to Gregg’s Cycle. They couldn’t find the cause either. We’ll have to compare the 3 tubes and see if they all holes in the same spot. Hope we figure it out because this is getting ridiculous!

Tonight we’re watching the Sounders game on tv and taking it easy. We’re gonna be bad and have chicken alfredo tonight (a pre-made dinner from Costco), but I think we burned enough calories today.  😛 We’re also cooking another pork roast to shred for the tamales. By the time we’re done we’ll have cooked/shredded about 30 pounds of pork!

Looking forward to tomorrow. It’s supposed to be a nicer day than today and we don’t have much planned. We’ll go pick up our keys and maybe take a load or two of stuff to the new place. Yay!

Here’s a couple random pictures from the last couple weeks:


Up before 7am

I’m already up, showered (to help me wake up), and eaten breakfast and it’s only 6:45am! Today’s planned practice is a mile run, 44 mile bike ride, and 7-9 mile run. Bring it on! Looks like another nice day out there and I’m crossing my fingers for better luck with my tires this time.


Sorry for the lack of posts this week. It’s been busy. Top story of the day is that Yancy got a job! He starts at Amazon next Tuesday. It sounds like a cool job and is definitely a cool company to work for. We’ve just got to figure out the transportation thing (since we only have one car). This Sunday we get the keys to our new house rental and can start moving a few things over there. The official move date is May 15th. We’ll be getting boxes tomorrow to start the fun process of packing. Yancy and I are doing a fund-raiser next week for CincoDeMayo. We’re cooking a TON of tamales to sell at my work. I already have 11 dozen pre-ordered! We start cooking the meat this weekend and have a massive tamale making session next Tuesday. Today we went to the kick-off party for my next Team in Training event. And I’m really excited. I totally appreciate how hard a marathon will be (especially to a girl like me), but I have a really good feeling about this. Great teammates, great coaches, fund-raising for a great cause, and lots of good motivation! Life is getting so exciting! Sorry for the crazy jumble, but that’s what’s on my mind. I’m happy. Life is good.

2 cooking “firsts”

Happy Easter! I dragged Yancy out into the rain for a 6 mile run/walk this morning, but made up for it by cooking him lunch. Homemade gyros! I used ground turkey, fresh parsley, onion, garlic, and seasonings to make the meat. The sauce was greek yogurt, fresh cucumber, garlic, parsley, and salt. I used whole wheat pita bread and garnished with fresh tomato and cucumber. I don’t really like cucumber, but the gyros were really good! And the meal was totally healthy! So we made up for that with a trip to Cold Stone Creamery for some ice cream treats. The weather cleared up a little for the afternoon and we did some driving around.

This evening I’ve made my first loaf ever of banana bread. It’s in the oven now and smells amazing!!! I hope I can wait for it to cool all the way before breaking into it.  :O)  Baking is way easier than I thought it would be. I’m thinking there will be more homemade bread in our near future. 🙂

My Saturday

It was a day mixed with frustrations and fun, but overall a good day. We had team practice in the morning. It was a hilly 45 mile bike ride, and the weather was gorgeous! For those that live around here and like to bicycle, you may have heard of Inglewood Hill. For those who haven’t, it’s a lovely road going straight up a hill from East Lake Sammamish. It’s a 10-13% grade, and there’s an intersection at the bottom, so chances are that you’re starting out with zero momentum. Well, I also started with a nearly flat tire (but I didn’t know it)! Made it one third or half way up and felt like I was going to have a heart attack.  I could tell something was wrong because I’m usually a little stronger than that. Yancy had stopped to wait for me and I asked him to look at my tire, and sure enough, almost completely flat (but not flat enough to make my bike loose all control). I struggled through changing it with some help from Yancy. Took me forever to get the tire back on the rim, then I screwed up with my CO2 cartridge and wasted some of it. When the tire was back on the bike I didn’t have the chain lined up right so I was trying to ride off and the pedals weren’t working. Argh! At this point the entire team is at least 15-20 minutes ahead of us. Due to my screw up with the CO2, the back tire was still a bit low. Just low enough to make me work extra hard on hills and make the back end a little fishy. Yancy was very patient with me, but I got frustrated and decided to give up on the planned route and take a side road back to our car and tire pump. So Yancy went on alone and tried in vain to catch up to everyone else. He had a really tough ride too, struggling with some brutal hills. I got back to the car, took a quick break, then did another loop back to were the rest of the team would be finishing. Even with cutting my ride short, I still got over 36 miles in. And I sure enjoyed the first warm, sunny ride of the year! When I got back to the parking lot with the rest of the team, Yancy was still out riding. He came back so frustrated that he was talking of throwing in the towel. Neither one of us have been training like we should over the last several weeks (stress is the main culprit, but not a good excuse). He had a talk with the coach and seems to be getting refocused. We can both finish this half iron triathlon, we just need to work for it. We’ve got to stay focused. After practice, most of the team went to a local bagel shop and sat around visiting in the sunshine. I’m loving this weather! Can’t wait for summer!!!

Some teammates hosted a fundraiser event of karaoke, beer, and raffles last night at Nuun Headquarters in Capital Hill Seattle. Originally I hadn’t planned to go because beer and singing in front of crowds (especially people who know you) doesn’t really appeal to me. But we ended up going and having a great time. Half our team was there and several from some of my previous teams. I got up with some friends and sang a song. Yancy had some beer and had fun recording people on his iPhone. (for blackmail some day?) We left around 10:30pm and the party was still going strong. It’s interesting when you’re used to seeing people in a certain role (like coworkers or teammates that you’re always exercising with), then see them cut loose in a different environment. I just have to say that we are so lucky to have found this group of amazing people! Life is good!


It was a weird day. I sort of woke up “on the wrong side of the bed.”  It was just a long week of not feeling well and not exercising and I was feeling a little down before going to bed last night. We didn’t have any breakfast fixings so ran to Starbucks for chai tea lattes and breakfast wraps. Then I proceeded to dump the entire hot latte on myself! Changed clothes and made it in time for my dental appointment in Issaquah. I highly recommend this dentist office because they are so professional and caring. I get anxious at the sound of drills (& apparently when getting numbing shots). They gave me noise-cancelling headphones and had a movie playing on a screen attached to the ceiling (Avatar!). But when they were putting in the numbing shots I started feeling nauseous and feint. Hands were sweating and heart was RACING. The dentist said something about some of the medicine getting into my bloodstream and waited for my color to come back before continuing (apparently I had also gone green). It was a pretty unpleasant experience for me. I’ve only come that close to feinting once before and I hope it never happens again. 😦  But the numbing worked great and they worked quickly to get me out of there without any pain. The bad news is that they need to readjust my “bite” because one of the fillings is too high and is making it hard for me to chew food. Hope they don’t have to do a lot of shots when I go back!  😛  I know it sounds like I just did a lot of complaining about today’s dental experience, but it truly was the best I’ve had so far. I felt in good hands. Even so, I’ll be taking extra good care of my teethe and hope to never need another filling!!!

Yancy had a phone interview with Amazon today and was asked to come in for an in-person interview on Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed!

I worked the afternoon in the Lynnwood clinic which wasn’t too bad, but makes me appreciate my own job in Issaquah. Things run more smoothly when you’re in your own space. Sometimes it’s good to step away from your norm to appreciate it. 🙂

I did get out for a short walk in the sunshine today which has me smiling again. Looking forward to a long bike ride tomorrow! And the weather is supposed to be nice. Yahoo!

New me

It’s Thursday morning and I feel like a whole new person. I slept great and feel great! Still have lots on my mind, but going into today feeling optimistic. It’s only half a day at work since the doctor I work for is sick and blocked off her schedule. I have no idea what I’ll do with my unexpected afternoon. Maybe swim or bike.

Tomorrow morning I have a big dental visit and then somehow managed to get hooked into working on my regular day off (for another clinic who is desperately short staffed). So even though tomorrow may be no fun, I’m going to make the most of today!

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