Too much

Sorry for not posting all week. It’s not exactly been a boring week, just one that doesn’t leave me in the mood to share. Last weekend’s 8k race was great! Yancy and I stayed together the whole time and kept a 12 minute/mile pace (except when he had to urgently visit some bushes beside the road). We finished in an hour and 3 minutes without getting rained on. It was a good first 8k time and I’m sure we’ll beat it next year. 🙂

Most of my frustration this week comes from trying to find our next home. We thought we had found the perfect rental (the duplex I mentioned last weekend), but after giving the landlord our credit application, he came back saying he had already rented the place to someone else. 😦  We looked at another condo that I really like, but Yancy really dislikes, which is causing some tension. We’re going to have to compromise somewhere because we can’t find the perfect place we both like at the price we’re looking for.  Last night we viewed two more places which were a little disappointing. We have an appointment to see another condo this Saturday, and we’ll keep looking, but that condo we’re disagreeing over looks better and better after seeing the other places in the same price range. So we’ll see what happens.

All this is made more stressful since Yancy is still having no luck with finding a new job. I’m so stressed about a rental… can’t even imagine how he feels to be looking for a job and rental at the same time! We are talking a lot and getting our exercise in, so things aren’t as tense as they could be.

This weekend will be much more house rental shopping and some good exercise. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Yancy and I at Captain Jack's 8k Race in Kirkland


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