Good day!

This morning we did a long run with the Team. Yancy and I stayed together for a pretty easy pace. Ran/walked nearly 8.5 mils in about 2 hours and felt pretty good. It was the first run we’ve done with water belts, which worked out nicely. After hot showers we watched the Sounders game (a disappointing tie with Phillie). Then we went over to the new place to sign the lease and pay our deposit. We can start moving in May and I’m really looking forward to it. But there’s lots of work to do since we’re cutting our space nearly in half. I see a good yard sale on the horizon, and lots of organizing to do.

This evening I cooked an amazing Italian soup. Spicy sausage, cannelloni beans, tomatoes, onion, carrots, fresh kale (my own addition), basil, and garlic. We put some freshly grated parmesan cheese on top and paired with a wonderful glass of red wine. YUM!!!

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I’ve decided to stop drinking coffee and alcohol for the next 2 months. The purpose is to clean out my body before the triathlon. I’ll drink lots of water and hopefully lots of natural foods to fuel my body during this most intense time of training. So I made a point to enjoy a latte and some wine today… For tomorrow is a new day!   🙂


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