It was a weird day. I sort of woke up “on the wrong side of the bed.”  It was just a long week of not feeling well and not exercising and I was feeling a little down before going to bed last night. We didn’t have any breakfast fixings so ran to Starbucks for chai tea lattes and breakfast wraps. Then I proceeded to dump the entire hot latte on myself! Changed clothes and made it in time for my dental appointment in Issaquah. I highly recommend this dentist office because they are so professional and caring. I get anxious at the sound of drills (& apparently when getting numbing shots). They gave me noise-cancelling headphones and had a movie playing on a screen attached to the ceiling (Avatar!). But when they were putting in the numbing shots I started feeling nauseous and feint. Hands were sweating and heart was RACING. The dentist said something about some of the medicine getting into my bloodstream and waited for my color to come back before continuing (apparently I had also gone green). It was a pretty unpleasant experience for me. I’ve only come that close to feinting once before and I hope it never happens again. 😦  But the numbing worked great and they worked quickly to get me out of there without any pain. The bad news is that they need to readjust my “bite” because one of the fillings is too high and is making it hard for me to chew food. Hope they don’t have to do a lot of shots when I go back!  😛  I know it sounds like I just did a lot of complaining about today’s dental experience, but it truly was the best I’ve had so far. I felt in good hands. Even so, I’ll be taking extra good care of my teethe and hope to never need another filling!!!

Yancy had a phone interview with Amazon today and was asked to come in for an in-person interview on Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed!

I worked the afternoon in the Lynnwood clinic which wasn’t too bad, but makes me appreciate my own job in Issaquah. Things run more smoothly when you’re in your own space. Sometimes it’s good to step away from your norm to appreciate it. 🙂

I did get out for a short walk in the sunshine today which has me smiling again. Looking forward to a long bike ride tomorrow! And the weather is supposed to be nice. Yahoo!


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