Sorry for the lack of posts this week. It’s been busy. Top story of the day is that Yancy got a job! He starts at Amazon next Tuesday. It sounds like a cool job and is definitely a cool company to work for. We’ve just got to figure out the transportation thing (since we only have one car). This Sunday we get the keys to our new house rental and can start moving a few things over there. The official move date is May 15th. We’ll be getting boxes tomorrow to start the fun process of packing. Yancy and I are doing a fund-raiser next week for CincoDeMayo. We’re cooking a TON of tamales to sell at my work. I already have 11 dozen pre-ordered! We start cooking the meat this weekend and have a massive tamale making session next Tuesday. Today we went to the kick-off party for my next Team in Training event. And I’m really excited. I totally appreciate how hard a marathon will be (especially to a girl like me), but I have a really good feeling about this. Great teammates, great coaches, fund-raising for a great cause, and lots of good motivation! Life is getting so exciting! Sorry for the crazy jumble, but that’s what’s on my mind. I’m happy. Life is good.


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