A tough workout

My ride ended up being another frustrating one, but I still got all the mileage in (thanks to my great teammate Arlene). I had another slow leak in my back tire which slowed me down. Tried putting air in it, only to have the tire go completely flat a few miles later. And when stopping to change the tube I got my cleat stuck to the pedal and took a fall right on the road (thank god no cars were there to run me over). Bruised my wrist and scraped my knees, but otherwise no real damage. Changed the tire a little faster than last week and added a little more air at our halfway point. By the time Arlene and I finished the 44 mile bike ride most of our team was already done with their run. But we went and did the whole thing anyways (44 mile bike, 8 miles run/walk). I’m proud of us. When it would be easy to blame the slowness on the tire and cut short our miles for the day, we stuck with it and had a really nice time. The weather was ok. Sunny and warm at times, but some random dark clouds floating around.

When Yancy and I got home, we found the tire to be flat AGAIN! That’s the 3rd tube in 2 rides! So we put it back on the car and and went to Gregg’s Cycle. They couldn’t find the cause either. We’ll have to compare the 3 tubes and see if they all holes in the same spot. Hope we figure it out because this is getting ridiculous!

Tonight we’re watching the Sounders game on tv and taking it easy. We’re gonna be bad and have chicken alfredo tonight (a pre-made dinner from Costco), but I think we burned enough calories today.  😛 We’re also cooking another pork roast to shred for the tamales. By the time we’re done we’ll have cooked/shredded about 30 pounds of pork!

Looking forward to tomorrow. It’s supposed to be a nicer day than today and we don’t have much planned. We’ll go pick up our keys and maybe take a load or two of stuff to the new place. Yay!

Here’s a couple random pictures from the last couple weeks:


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