We didn’t get home last night from Victoria until just after 1am! Almost immediately after getting up this morning, we drove to Mukilteo to pick up Yancy’s mom, and spent most of the day with her. Then we went swimming in a lake. Yes, a lake, in low sixty degree weather. Even with the wetsuits it was COLD. Brrr! So, I haven’t really had time to catch up on anything. Ah well, tomorrow is a new day! Gonna sleep like a baby tonight!!


I’m on vacation

Yancy and I are in Victoria, Canada tonight. Having a nice time. Will probably catch up the blog on Monday. Hope all my readers are having a fantastic weekend!  :O)

And I’m off

I’m officially on an unofficial vacation! The doctor I work for is taking tomorrow off and since Monday is a holiday, I have 5 straight days off before returning to a busy day Tuesday. YAY!!!! I’m going to enjoy my time and try to get some training AND relaxation in. Yancy and I plan to sit down and work on our training schedule over the next few weeks. Our triathlon is 25 days away!!! And the 204 mile bike ride to Portland is 45 days away!!!


Ran across this article today and found it very interesting. If you’re training… or learning ANYTHING, this most likely applies to you. In this particular article, the person is talking about how fast they can swim. Check it out and let me know what you think.  🙂


Busy weekend

It’s been a very busy and productive weekend! I’m enjoying my last few moments of rest before getting back to the daily grind tomorrow morning. Yancy came down with a bad cold (like I am finally getting over) and called out from work on Friday. I got my car tab fiasco figured out (they entered the new address wrong and it was returned to the DMV office downtown). I finally have legal tabs on the car after a month of waiting. I dragged Yancy to the DOL to have our licenses renewed (his b-day is 6/12 & mine is 7/8 so both were nearly expired). We did a couple more trips to the old place this weekend to finish getting our junk out and cleaning it. I turned the keys back today and can’t even say how glad I am to have that behind me! Eliminates a bunch of stress! Because Yancy was sick we decided to skip the Team trip to Victoria (practice bike ride of the race course) and reschedule to next weekend, just the two of us. He found a great deal on the ferry ride and one night hotel stay so now I’m super excited for our little get-away next weekend!!! 🙂

On Saturday I made it to my first TNT marathon practice. It was a nice 50 minute run on Alki Beach. Even in the rain I enjoyed myself. I was surprised how good it felt after taking some time off of running. But at the back of my mind I’m worrying still… I should be running 8-12 miles at this point in training. Less than a month now until my half iron triathlon!!!!  🙂

I’m back

It’s been an emotional and exhausting week. Recovering from a cold, training for a triathlon, moving to a new home, the passing of my great grandmother, and a trip to Eastern Washington for her funeral… Too much to try to catch up on. It’s Wednesday night and I’m back home. Tomorrow I have to work my regular 10 hour shift, then back to my regular schedule. Really looking forward to getting done with the last of the moving and to a fun training bike ride this Saturday. Our triathlon is only a month away and really needs to be my main focus over the next few weeks.

Sorry for the brevity of this post & for not posting over the last week. Here’s a few photos from the week:

It’s my Friday

Made it through another work week. This one seemed long. Got lots on my mind and am feeling a little stressed about the move. Still coughing and blowing my nose all the time which only adds to my frustration.

As much work as I’ve accomplished with cleaning and packing, I fear I’ve only made a dent. Still have an entire kitchen to pack (well I did already clean out the pantry). It’s amazing how downsizing to a smaller home makes you look differently at the things you’ve accumulated. But even as I’m complaining of the stress, I’m also a little excited about living in the new place. It’s going to be cozy and peaceful. Only 3 more nights here in the townhome. But the next three days are super busy!! I hope I can keep up!

Training has taken a back-seat this last week and I’m worried about how much fitness I’m loosing. Hopefully starting on Monday I can get back into it full time and make my last month of training really count. But right now I really need to focus on moving, and getting over my cold. I can only do so many things at one time!

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