A glorious day!

I was up again today at 7am, listening to the birds singing and smelling slow cooked pork downstairs. Yancy & I shredded the meat and started the next batch in the crock-pot, then went over to our new house. We did a walk-though/inspection with the landlord, payed rent, and got our keys. YAY!! We have some boxes and will start packing this week. We’ll bring a few carloads over, but the big move day isn’t until 5/15. These two weeks are going to fly by and I’m already regretting the time I’ve wasted over the last few weeks. So much to do! Ahhh!

The highlight of my day was a long walk with my good friend Stephanie. We walked 6 miles down the East Lake Sammamish Trail. We saw a pair of osprey birds playing (or fighting or mating), a giant frog (same one I saw yesterday… maybe it’s dead), we saw two snakes, a bunny eating dandelions, and several bugs. And the weather was absofrickenlutely gorgeous!!!!  I’m still grinning! I love summer and today we got a hint of it. Bright blue skies, warm sun on your skin, a cool/fresh breeze, plant and animal life all around… Can’t say I love it enough!  🙂

I spent a mostly relaxing evening with the love of my life: Yancy. We shredded that last batch of meat and cleaned the kitchen… again. I think we’re both pretty sick of seeing pork. 30 pounds of it will do that to you. I just hope we have enough for all the tamales that were pre-ordered!

I made another batch of banana bread this evening and was talking to my mom on the phone when we got some exciting news: Osama bin Laden is dead!!!! Like I said earlier, what a glorious day!  G’night America!  Good night to my family and friends, I love you!


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