Paper hoarding

I’m not exactly sure how it started, but I somehow became a paper hoarder. For some reason I felt the need to save all papers regarding any business or money things…. All bills, all receipts, insurance statements, service receipts on a car I don’t even own any more, documents on health insurance at a job I don’t work at, credit cards that are expired….. too much to list. And I DO have a paper shredder, but for some reason thought I should be saving all this. Well, it piles up in the spare room (AKA “Room of Shame”) and gives me stress. In this modern age I really don’t need all those papers. Almost everything is documented on my computer. I don’t need bank statements from Washington Mutual. I don’t need to keep old checkbooks with old addresses. I don’t need to keep every internet bill or the Starbucks receipt! So yesterday evening I sat down for a few hours and went through some massive piles of these random papers and just took care of it. I’m keeping just one document from each company I deal with (that has account numbers, contact info and such) and I’m getting rid of the rest. I turned on some music, set a box on my right side for stuff to shred, a box on my left side for things that can be recycled, and a few files in front of me for important things I need to keep (like lease agreements and tax records). After a few hours, my huge pile shrank down to a much more manageable group of important documents. I feel so free and relieved! Not looking forward to the hour of shredding I’ll have to do, but definitely feel good about letting go of this waste! I wonder if I should also be shredding all my pay-stubs, but for some reason I am hesitant to. I’m about 75% done with my papers. Then the shredding, then freedom!

The next project is my kitchen. We still have “his & hers” dishes… we each had a set when we moved in together and never picked just one. So we’re going to pare down. I also have an absurd amount of wine glasses, which is funny because we rarely drink wine anymore and there’s no reason we should have more than 4 glasses.  😛  Another funny thing I seem to collect is flower vases. Once or twice a year Yancy gets me a beautiful flower arrangement. I now have a collection of vases. These might come in handy if I had a garden and brought flowers in sometimes, but I don’t. So most of these vases are going to the yard sale where I hope someone who will use them more often gets them.

I’ve talked about the “minimalism” idea before, but I’m just barely starting to really understand the freedom that comes when you let go of excess. I like it. I am feeling optimistic about this choice and looking forward to a simpler life with less stuff.

Another thing I’m looking forward to? Summer time farmer’s markets!!! Can’t wait for fresh peaches! And fresh veggie stir fries. This summer is going to be awesome!!!!  :O)


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