It’s my Friday

Made it through another work week. This one seemed long. Got lots on my mind and am feeling a little stressed about the move. Still coughing and blowing my nose all the time which only adds to my frustration.

As much work as I’ve accomplished with cleaning and packing, I fear I’ve only made a dent. Still have an entire kitchen to pack (well I did already clean out the pantry). It’s amazing how downsizing to a smaller home makes you look differently at the things you’ve accumulated. But even as I’m complaining of the stress, I’m also a little excited about living in the new place. It’s going to be cozy and peaceful. Only 3 more nights here in the townhome. But the next three days are super busy!! I hope I can keep up!

Training has taken a back-seat this last week and I’m worried about how much fitness I’m loosing. Hopefully starting on Monday I can get back into it full time and make my last month of training really count. But right now I really need to focus on moving, and getting over my cold. I can only do so many things at one time!


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