Didn’t post last night because I was too tired. Will try to get online tonight or tomorrow to list my latest adventures. Have a great day!  🙂



I’m feeling very relieved that we just worked out an overnight stay in Castle Rock for STP. And it’s even better than I had hoped. We’ll be staying with Yancy’s cousin who only lives about a mile off the route! Free place to crash AND a family visit in one. Score! I’ve cancelled my reservation for the hotel in Portland and now need to contact STP officials to switch over to the 2-day ride. Hope they don’t give us a hard time. Feeling less stressed now and more excited about an adventurous weekend!

Also when talking to one of the marathon coaches this morning, received some encouragement about yesterday’s ride. Yancy and I did a HALF IRON TRIATHLON only 6 days earlier! Plus we hadn’t exercised for those 6 days…. so of course that first day back to exercise is going to suck… no matter what you’re doing. She said that we’d probably be pleasantly surprised when we get back on the bikes next weekend and find that we are stronger. I’m going to hold onto that optimism! 🙂

Beauty eh?

I’m having a fantastic day so far! After staying up late chatting with the cousins, I got up way too early and headed out to marathon practice. I walked 5 miles in 90 minutes and enjoyed some gorgeous weather and views from Golden Gardens Beach. I had a great conversations with Coach Jinny and other teammates. Feeling really positive today, and optimistic. Wish I could hold on to this feeling forever! When I got home people were just finishing up showers and starting to work on breakfast. Kate and her friend cook scones for us. WOW, can I just say they were amazing! They split the mix into two batches. One “savory” pastry with red/yellow peppers, cheese, and spices. The other “sweet” pastry with fresh strawberries and blackberries and delicious spices. I put out fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, and some crackers to make a good spread. We ate well and enjoyed more chatting. Kate’s friend left to visit her local family, leaving Kate & Chris to spend a few hours with us. So far we’ve gone out for coffee, drove past Nintendo & Microsoft, and have visited both the game store and book store at Crossroads Mall. I’m about geeked out!!! Well, I actually didn’t go to the stores, I’m hanging at the coffee shop geeking out on my lap top. Catching up on FaceBook and looking at STP accommodations. We have emails into three different places to see about making our 1 day STP ride into a 2 day ride. Looks like we’ll be camping if there’s still space, which I’m not excited about. But it IS cheaper and since we waited so long before changing our mind… that’s what we get.

The day is only half way done! There’s a “strawberry festival” nearby, so that might be our next stop.  🙂


Yancy and I set out for a 100 mile ride today. We had it mapped out and brought along all the proper nutrition. It was going to be 2 loops of 50 miles, but after the first one we were pretty wiped out. We did keep our goal of a 15 mph pace. One of the roads had basically no shoulder and was super busy… a little bit of a stressful ride. We got back to the park and had our little meal and rested a bit in the shade. Instead of doing the loop again we decided to do a trail ride up to Matthew’s Beach, but only got a few miles up the trail before Yancy’s legs started getting crampy. I was worried what would happen if we kept going so we turned around. Our 100 mile ride turned into a 60 mile ride and now I’m feeling a bit discouraged. We’re signed up to do a 204 mile bike ride from Seattle to Portland (IN ONE DAY) only 2 weeks from today!!! I’m not sure we are capable of this since we couldn’t even get 100 miles done today. We DID a half iron triathlon only 6 days ago and have rested all week, so maybe I shouldn’t give up all hope. But Yancy has a history of having leg cramps every time we ride over 3 hours. Sooo we’re looking at trying to change our race into a two day event. This is going to be tough since nearly all the places between here and there are already full for that weekend. Wish us luck!

The Garmin said I burned 2,393 calories! We made up for that with a meal at Red Hood Brewery. But I still feel like a made good choices. And even though it wasn’t the ideal training day, I still got a solid 4 hours of exercise in today. (that’s 62 “activity points” towards my weight watchers program) I’m going to sleep so well tonight! Tomorrow I’m planning to get up bright & early and head to Golden Gardens to train with my marathon team. I’ll probably just walk. Yancy and I were talking of trying to do another 50 mile ride tomorrow. And tonight his cousins from Pullman will be staying over. They’re down town at a concert tonight so it’ll be late when they arrive. They are going to a book signing event tomorrow and will stay another night. What a busy weekend!

Desert went well

Yancy and I went to Whole Foods (aka expensive healthy yuppy store) and got a fabulous desert for last night’s company. Fresh strawberries, blackberries, and grapes. I also put out some walnuts, Beecher’s cheddar cheese, and some whole wheat crackers. Oh ya, and some gluten free ginger cookies. Whole Foods has a huge section of hot foods, kind of like a buffet, so that’s what we got for dinner. I had asparagus, cauliflower, some Indian tofu/pea stuff, and curried chicken. YUM! And mostly healthy! With desert we served hot cider and tea. It was kind of fun. And I slept great in my clean house.  🙂   Now it’s 7:30am on a Saturday morning, and even though I don’t have Team training today (because of a marathon in Seattle), I’m still up and getting ready to go get some exercise. Will tell you all about it later.  😉

100 miles….

So here’s the bike ride Yancy has mapped out for us tomorrow: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/495472   Two laps will give us 100 miles.  Um… probably better get to bed soon. Ask me tomorrow afternoon how I’m feeling about the STP bike ride.

Thoughts for the day so far

I went to another weight watchers meeting this morning. Friday mornings will be my regular meeting time and I was curious who the group leader would be. The funniest thing is that I actually know her! She did the “at work” meetings I went to a year ago. She has a good way of making people look at things from a new perspective. And she’s great at pep talks. I have a really good feeling about this new adventure. Today the WW leader (can’t remember her name) handed around a mysterious bag and asked us to guess its weight. I guessed 7 pounds and it was actually 2.5 pounds! She used that as an example of how much difference a weight loss of 2.5 pounds can be. She said that it didn’t seem too much at first, but if you carried that bag around for a few hours, you’d get tired of it. It was encouraging and reminded me to celebrate small victories.

The rest of the day was spent around the house. There may have been a nap involved, but you wouldn’t know by the way the house looks. I think this is the cleanest it’s been since we moved in! We have company coming tonight and this weekend. I’ve invited my neighbor/landlords over as a thank you for watching our cat while we were out of town. They declined dinner, but said they’d be happy to have tea and “healthy” desert with us. So my next task for the day is the go to the store in search of healthy desert. Shouldn’t be too hard.  :O)  I was thinking we should get some dark chocolate in the house anyways. Tomorrow night our cousins from Pullman will be coming over. They’re going to a concert in Seattle, then crashing at our house for Saturday and Sunday night. Should be fun. We’ll see how crowded this little house gets!  😛 Tomorrow morning Yancy and I are planning our longest bike ride of the season. Will let you know how that goes. Wish us luck!

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