Beautiful day

We had a great practice this morning with the Team! First we had a little bike maintenance/ tire changing clinic. I learned a few things and got inspired to do some practice tire changes so I can be super fast if I get a flat during a race. We swam about 1.2 miles in Martha Lake (with wet suits). The water was cold of course, but not too bad. I really enjoyed myself. We did sort of a triangle course in the water with the longest length being back to our starting point. I went nearly race pace for the first two thirds, then took my sweet time swimming back with a teammate who was struggling with the open water concept. It’s weird being the experienced person and helping others. It wasn’t long ago when I was the one freaking out about weeds, logs, and fish in the water. Now I love the open water swims the best… and am one of the faster swimmers on my team. I don’t mean to brag at the expense of others, but it just feels good to excel at something! I swim a fairly straight line (not as easy as it sounds) and can keep a steady pace. Oh, this reminds me, I may have been talked into doing a three mile swim at the end of July… in Lake Washington! I’ll have to see how my body is holding up after the 204 mile STP ride…  After this swim event, the STP bike ride, and my marathon in October, I could say I’ve done all the distances of a full Ironman (plus some)!!! How exciting! I am getting slowly closer to my goal of doing an Ironman triathlon at the age of 30.

The rest of the day was good too. Probably the hottest day we’ve had all year and I loved it! After our swim, Yancy and I did a short “transition run” (to practice “switching gears” at the triathlon). The rest of the team did at least 8 miles, but we had to ditch early and go help out at the garage sale. Unfortunately today was super slow for the sale and we ended up packing it up early. With the hot weather and all the graduations, we figured we wouldn’t have much more business for the afternoon. We had a BUNCH of stuff left over, but still did great, earning about $600 total for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. What we didn’t sell is going to Goodwill and I’m really happy about that because their proceeds help an amazing charity called Community Services for the Blind & Partially Sighted (another charity that is changing lives). Plus I’m excited that we got rid of so much stuff! Yancy and I still have a pile of things to go through and a bunch of boxes to return to a friend, but we are pretty much DONE moving in! YAY!

After the garage sale was all packed up we went to the Everyday Athlete store in Kirkland. Yancy got a triathlon specific backpack and a roller gadget thing that you use to loosen up your tight muscles. We went out for Mexican food, then came home to watch the Sounders game. Another disappointing soccer match. Zero to zero tie with the Chicago Fire. Poor reffing and frustrating inability to follow through and make a goal. Not sure why I spend so much time watching a game that leaves me frustrated…. I guess cause my hubby is a big fan, and it’s something we can do together.

Tomorrow promises to be another great day! We had planned to do a long bike ride, but since we skipped today’s run, we’ll have to add it in tomorrow. And in the evening we’re having dinner company. Yay! Good night.  🙂

Here’s a picture of Sarah and I goofing off while packing stuff up:


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