Hi Mom!

Had a nice long chat with my mom on the phone tonight. She’ll be checking out my blog soon so I want to send a big shout out to her and say: “I love you Mom!”  :O)  Today was a pretty relaxed day. Had a fantastic massage and first session with my new chiropractor/physical therapist. Came home and took a nap and snuggled with the kitty. In the afternoon I went downtown to the main Virginia Mason clinic to choose my new scrubs. Then ENTIRE VM hospital & clinics are going to mandatory uniforms. I’m happy about it because I get to wear blue scrubs & tennis shoes!!! And no more ugly white lab coat…. tired of people asking if I’m the doctor. After that I met Yancy downtown and we went out for lunch. Baja salad & water, yum! (but then I was bad and got an ice cream from Cold Stone… a small) Now I’m winding down for the night. My triathlon gear is all packed up and my clothes are set out for the morning. Actually really looking forward to tomorrow’s practice triathlon. I can count on one hand how many practices we have left now. Only NINE days until race day! And tomorrow is going to be fantastic!!!


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