Hello from Victoria, Canada!

Yancy and I are on the final countdown! This time tomorrow we’ll be somewhere near the middle of a long bike ride. It’s raining here in Victoria today (was beautiful yesterday), but is supposed to be better tomorrow. Mid-sixties and overcast… works for me! Our schedule so far has been super relaxed and I’m having a great time. The Hotel Grand Pacific is fantastic!!! The beds are sooo comfy! I’m sleeping well despite all that I have on my mind. Actually just really wanting to get tomorrow over with… After spending about 8 months focused on this one event, it’s time! We’re heading the the lake & race start this afternoon to get our race numbers, get a little exercise in, and rack the bikes. This is one of the courses where you leave your bike there overnight (under heavy guard) so that everything is ready to go for our early morning start. The cannon goes off at 6:45am and ALL swimmers start at the same time… last year that was over 700 people! I’m strangely calm about the whole thing this year. Not sure if it just hasn’t sunk in yet, or if the 5 previous triathlons and 8 months of training has just given me more confidence. Which ever the case, I’m excited in a positive way. Bring it on!


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