Home sweet home

I had another busy and amazing weekend that would take too long to describe. The triathlon went pretty well. My swim was good, but got a little rough with all the aggressive swimmers out there. It was pretty chilly in the morning and between my legs getting too cold and the lack of appropriate training I did in the last 2 months, I didn’t have a great bike ride. Legs were threatening to cramp and I just didn’t have the strength to keep my speed up. It took about 4 hours to ride 54 miles… it was a hilly course with lots of rough chip-seal road. The run course was two 10k laps around Elk Lake. My first lap actually went pretty well, but somewhere in the second loop, I slowed down and really lost it. Started feeling a little queasy every time I jogged and the bottoms of my feet were hurting really bad… that sort of happens when you’ve been exercising for over 7 hours. So I crossed the finish line at 8 hours, 3 minutes and 42 seconds. Unfortunately that was three minutes past the official cut-off. Yikes. But I still did it and they still gave me a medal. Very disappointed with myself because I really thought I’d do better this year. But one thing I DID do better was keep a better attitude when the going got tough. Until the last 20 minutes I was actually having a mostly good time. I got so much encouragement along the way from teammates, other racers, and random people. I smiled a lot and said thanks a lot. I didn’t cry when I got upset, and I didn’t give up. I must say though, that I am SUPER motivated to start loosing some weight! These endurance events would be so much more enjoyable if I wasn’t carrying an extra 40+ pounds of body weight around with me.

Yancy had a fantastic race and I can’t even begin to say how proud I am of him! His swim was only a couple minutes slower than mine… freaking amazing from the guy who could barely swim a few laps last November! He passed me pretty early on in the bike and I never saw him again until the finish line. He finished in 7 hours 9 minutes!!! WOW!!!

We had a really fun night out with some teammates and there may have been some expensive scotch involved. On Monday morning we had breakfast in bed… literally. 🙂   Overall, an amazing weekend. I am tired and have mixed emotions, but really, I am proud of us both, and of my amazing teammates. We raised over $70,000 in the fight against blood cancers!

I didn’t take too many pics, but I’ll post those soon.


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