Started off ok, but….

Well, I had a great breakfast, but didn’t stick to my “diet” too well at work. There was a pot-luck, need I say more? Also, I was unusually exhausted. I guess from two nights of not sleeping well, and maybe my body still in recovery. I was feeling dangerous on the roads, chewing gum and cool air from the vents weren’t helping. There were a few moments at work where I literally started nodding off! Broke down and bought a cherry coke which started a chain reaction of bad decisions for the day… and a stomach ache.  😦  Ended up skipping run practice, but still going to the social event at the bar after. I had one mojito and an ungraceful helping of nachos. Tomorrow morning I plan to get up early (as early as I can on my day off) and head to the Weight Watchers meeting. That will hopefully give me a good dose of motivation to help through the weekend. I can do this! And tomorrow is a fresh day!

Here’s a photo of my breakfast this morning. 8 points on the WW system (of the 36 that I aim for in one day, before my “allowance” points)

toast with peanut butter & banana, with weight watchers oatmeal.


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