Thoughts for the day so far

I went to another weight watchers meeting this morning. Friday mornings will be my regular meeting time and I was curious who the group leader would be. The funniest thing is that I actually know her! She did the “at work” meetings I went to a year ago. She has a good way of making people look at things from a new perspective. And she’s great at pep talks. I have a really good feeling about this new adventure. Today the WW leader (can’t remember her name) handed around a mysterious bag and asked us to guess its weight. I guessed 7 pounds and it was actually 2.5 pounds! She used that as an example of how much difference a weight loss of 2.5 pounds can be. She said that it didn’t seem too much at first, but if you carried that bag around for a few hours, you’d get tired of it. It was encouraging and reminded me to celebrate small victories.

The rest of the day was spent around the house. There may have been a nap involved, but you wouldn’t know by the way the house looks. I think this is the cleanest it’s been since we moved in! We have company coming tonight and this weekend. I’ve invited my neighbor/landlords over as a thank you for watching our cat while we were out of town. They declined dinner, but said they’d be happy to have tea and “healthy” desert with us. So my next task for the day is the go to the store in search of healthy desert. Shouldn’t be too hard.  :O)  I was thinking we should get some dark chocolate in the house anyways. Tomorrow night our cousins from Pullman will be coming over. They’re going to a concert in Seattle, then crashing at our house for Saturday and Sunday night. Should be fun. We’ll see how crowded this little house gets!  😛 Tomorrow morning Yancy and I are planning our longest bike ride of the season. Will let you know how that goes. Wish us luck!


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