Yancy and I set out for a 100 mile ride today. We had it mapped out and brought along all the proper nutrition. It was going to be 2 loops of 50 miles, but after the first one we were pretty wiped out. We did keep our goal of a 15 mph pace. One of the roads had basically no shoulder and was super busy… a little bit of a stressful ride. We got back to the park and had our little meal and rested a bit in the shade. Instead of doing the loop again we decided to do a trail ride up to Matthew’s Beach, but only got a few miles up the trail before Yancy’s legs started getting crampy. I was worried what would happen if we kept going so we turned around. Our 100 mile ride turned into a 60 mile ride and now I’m feeling a bit discouraged. We’re signed up to do a 204 mile bike ride from Seattle to Portland (IN ONE DAY) only 2 weeks from today!!! I’m not sure we are capable of this since we couldn’t even get 100 miles done today. We DID a half iron triathlon only 6 days ago and have rested all week, so maybe I shouldn’t give up all hope. But Yancy has a history of having leg cramps every time we ride over 3 hours. Sooo we’re looking at trying to change our race into a two day event. This is going to be tough since nearly all the places between here and there are already full for that weekend. Wish us luck!

The Garmin said I burned 2,393 calories! We made up for that with a meal at Red Hood Brewery. But I still feel like a made good choices. And even though it wasn’t the ideal training day, I still got a solid 4 hours of exercise in today. (that’s 62 “activity points” towards my weight watchers program) I’m going to sleep so well tonight! Tomorrow I’m planning to get up bright & early and head to Golden Gardens to train with my marathon team. I’ll probably just walk. Yancy and I were talking of trying to do another 50 mile ride tomorrow. And tonight his cousins from Pullman will be staying over. They’re down town at a concert tonight so it’ll be late when they arrive. They are going to a book signing event tomorrow and will stay another night. What a busy weekend!


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