Beauty eh?

I’m having a fantastic day so far! After staying up late chatting with the cousins, I got up way too early and headed out to marathon practice. I walked 5 miles in 90 minutes and enjoyed some gorgeous weather and views from Golden Gardens Beach. I had a great conversations with Coach Jinny and other teammates. Feeling really positive today, and optimistic. Wish I could hold on to this feeling forever! When I got home people were just finishing up showers and starting to work on breakfast. Kate and her friend cook scones for us. WOW, can I just say they were amazing! They split the mix into two batches. One “savory” pastry with red/yellow peppers, cheese, and spices. The other “sweet” pastry with fresh strawberries and blackberries and delicious spices. I put out fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, and some crackers to make a good spread. We ate well and enjoyed more chatting. Kate’s friend left to visit her local family, leaving Kate & Chris to spend a few hours with us. So far we’ve gone out for coffee, drove past Nintendo & Microsoft, and have visited both the game store and book store at Crossroads Mall. I’m about geeked out!!! Well, I actually didn’t go to the stores, I’m hanging at the coffee shop geeking out on my lap top. Catching up on FaceBook and looking at STP accommodations. We have emails into three different places to see about making our 1 day STP ride into a 2 day ride. Looks like we’ll be camping if there’s still space, which I’m not excited about. But it IS cheaper and since we waited so long before changing our mind… that’s what we get.

The day is only half way done! There’s a “strawberry festival” nearby, so that might be our next stop.  🙂


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