I’m feeling very relieved that we just worked out an overnight stay in Castle Rock for STP. And it’s even better than I had hoped. We’ll be staying with Yancy’s cousin who only lives about a mile off the route! Free place to crash AND a family visit in one. Score! I’ve cancelled my reservation for the hotel in Portland and now need to contact STP officials to switch over to the 2-day ride. Hope they don’t give us a hard time. Feeling less stressed now and more excited about an adventurous weekend!

Also when talking to one of the marathon coaches this morning, received some encouragement about yesterday’s ride. Yancy and I did a HALF IRON TRIATHLON only 6 days earlier! Plus we hadn’t exercised for those 6 days…. so of course that first day back to exercise is going to suck… no matter what you’re doing. She said that we’d probably be pleasantly surprised when we get back on the bikes next weekend and find that we are stronger. I’m going to hold onto that optimism! 🙂


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