Good weekend

Great hike today… in the rain. At least 8 miles with some good climbing. Another fun day with my friend Stephanie. Kind of tired now, so will post pictures next time. Hopefully I’ll sleep well tonight, it’s going to be a very busy day at work tomorrow!


Feeling great!

I ran/walked 10 miles at marathon practice today (3 min run/ 1 min walk intervals)! We were supposed to be out for 160 minutes (2 hours, 40 minutes), but I finished the 9 mile course quicker than I had thought. So I went out for a cool down walk to bring my distance up to 10 miles, and still ended up 10 minutes short. Ah well. I felt really good too and actually enjoyed the run! Only complaint was that my left hip got a little tight around mile 7. Did some stretches and feel pretty good now. Already excited to go hiking tomorrow!

Weight Watchers was a little disappointing, but nothing dramatic. I had expected a loss, but instead got a 0.6 pound gain. I’ll admit I didn’t have the best week, but just thought that the running would have made a bigger impact. Ah well, life goes on and hopefully next week will be better. I’m still feeling strong and healthy. And while I ran today I thought about the fact that I did a half ironman triathlon last month and and 200+ mile bike ride earlier this month! And now I’m running strong for 9-10 miles!      I am hardcore!!!   :O)

Up early again

I’m up early on a Saturday… again. Triathlon and marathon training is not for wussies! As I go into my 160 minute run/walk today I’ll be thinking of Ben Davis (see last night’s post) as he’s doing his second Ironman triathlon today. That’s a dream I’m looking forward to achieving! And it’ll be more fun if I loose some weight first. I’ll check in later to give my Weight Watchers update. Happy Saturday!!!  🙂

Do Life

On Wednesday night Yancy and I went to a 5k meetup up at Green Lake in Seattle hosted by Ben Davis of Ben Does Life. He’s this young guy from Arkansas who’s lost about 120 pounds, going from a depressed overweight guy to an endurance athlete and motivational speaker. I was introduced to his blog a while back when his YouTube video went viral <— {Please watch!} I was really inspired by the video and ended up reading his entire blog (from 1/2009 to present). He’s really just a funny, dorky guy with the same daily struggles that most of us face. He’s come such a long ways since the day his grandma asked him if he was happy and he realized he wasn’t. He made the decision to change his life, and he went all out! One of his biggest tools has been the blog which he originally started for his grandma. The accountability and friendships he made though the blog & online fitness community has changed his life. The funny thing is that my blog is also about living life to the fullest, having accountability, and my biggest reader is my grandma.  :O)

The run was pretty fun. I ran/walked with my triathlon friend Stacy and we finished the 5k in 41 minutes. I didn’t have my inhaler and struggled with the asthma a little. But as usual, if I take frequent walking breaks to avoid getting too winded, I’m able to continue. Yancy didn’t run because he’s still pretty miserable after his wisdom teeth removal. One of the wisdom teeth was sideways and didn’t come out peacefully. He had the suture removed Wednesday morning, but apparently had “dry socket” and still has a bit of healing left to do.

I had kind of a frustrating week at work. Was supposed to be in the call room Monday -Thursday, but apparently I learned too fast… Got kicked out of there the last two days because I was extra. Went home early one of the days, and spent the second one doing deep-cleaning, stocking, organizing, and decorating in the ophthalmology exam rooms. They are having a little competition at work to see who can make the most improvements on their exam rooms (with a $100 budget), making the rooms more comfortable and inviting to patients in the hopes of getting our satisfaction ratings up. I actually had fun shopping for a few things to spruce up the rooms. Made me think again about an old dream I had of being an interior designer as a career.  😛

Well today was lovely. I didn’t get to go to Weight Watchers because Yancy had a dental appointment, but I did get a massage and chiropractic adjustment. And I took a nap! Feeling loose and relaxed (but still have an annoying eye lid twitch that started a few days ago). The weather is beautiful and I’m finally feeling like summer has arrived… just in time for August. I’m looking forward to a sort of repeat of last weekend. Tomorrow I have marathon practice, a 160 minute walk/run. We’re getting the house sprayed again (not because there has been evidence of bugs, but because I bought a package plan), and we’re planning to wash all our clothes and get rid of more clutter. We’re even planning to go see a movie (either the latest Harry Potter, Cowboys & Aliens, or Captain America). Sunday I’m doing another hike with my friend Stephanie. YAY! And Monday I return to my regular/busy schedule at work.


Yup, I’m still sore from the weekend, especially my calves. Working in the call room at work this week and can only laugh at myself when I stand after an hour or so at the computer and my legs don’t want to straighten. Still worth it though.  🙂


Um… I’d just like to say that I’M SORE!!!! Tomorrow is going to be brutal! But I have no regrets, this weekend was a blast. 9.5 miles of training on Saturday and 10+ miles of hiking on Sunday. Life is good!

Hike to Big Creek & Otter Falls

Driving up to the trail head took us longer than we thought it would. 12.5 miles on a VERY rough dirt road full of potholes. We did a 10 mile round trip hike to Big Creek Falls, with a small side trip to Otter Falls and Lipsy Lake. All I can say is WOW, freaking beautiful!!! Loved the falls!!! And loved walking next to the beautiful Taylor River.  The trail was ok too. Pretty quiet and not a lot of elevation, but it was very rocky. My feet were hurting for the last three miles back to the car. Still worth every minute to see the views and enjoy the fresh air, not to mention good conversations with a wonderful lady (my friend Steph). If this is our first hike of the summer, I can’t wait to see what’s next (which may end up being a month away with our busy schedules)!

Here’s a few pictures… really need to invest in a real camera, the iPhone just doesn’t do it justice.

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