Happy SUNday

Summer has FINALLY arrived in Seattle! Today is overcast but warm and the rest of the holiday weekend has been/will be amazing. It’s turning out to be a little bit of a lazy weekend. Yesterday I went to marathon practice and did nearly 6 miles in the heat. Practice has divided into 2 groups, those who walk/run at a pace slower than 12 minutes/mile and start practice earlier on Saturday mornings, and those who run 12 minute or faster miles, and have the later start. I’m going to switch to the slower group so that when I’m doing my walk/run intervals I’m not getting frustrated about being left in the dust. I’m currently hovering right below that 12 minute pace, so might be able to move back up to the faster group later on. I’m guessing that after STP is done and I can really focus on my running, I’ll make some good improvements.

I’ve been trying not to think too much about STP this week. I’m super nervous. I know it’s going to be fun, but it’ll also be the hardest physical challenge I’ve taken yet. My nerves feel just like they did before my first triathlon! It’s going to be EPIC.. and painful. Mostly I’m nervous about the lack of miles we’ve done to prepare.

Tonight we’re going to a BBQ at a friend’s house. She’s on my marathon team and also did the half iron triathlon. I made the broccoli salad that I learned from Aunt Beth at Thanksgiving. It’s pretty healthy and always a hit wherever I bring it. I plan to drink lots of water and maybe have a healthy snack before I go so that I don’t over indulge. Loosing weight during the summer is hard!


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