Independence Day

I’ve had a wonderful long weekend! The BBQ last night was a lot of fun. I only knew a few people there, and they were from our triathlon team. But everyone was super nice. There was good food, lots of drinks, and some interesting back yard games. Not sure what the games were called. One was a frisbee game where the object was to knock the beer can off the other team’s pole. Pretty entertaining! 🙂

This morning we met some former teammates for a swim in Martha Lake. Yancy and I swam about a mile and enjoyed ourselves. I’m still so proud of Yancy’s improvements in the water. He’s already thinking of his next triathlon! And I’m very seriously considering signing up for my first Ironman! I’ve been talking of doing one when I’m thirty (I’ll be 29 in 4 days), and you have to sign up for an Ironman a year in advance. So it’s getting real! The race is expensive and if you back out, you loose LOTS of money. I think I’ll be going up to Penticton, Canada on August 28th to volunteer for Ironman Canada and sign myself up. I’m seriously getting butterflies in my tummy just thinking of it! But the cool thing is that several people from our half iron triathlon team are also going to sign up, so I’ll have some friends to push me on. Also Penticton is close to where my family lives so it’d be easier to get people to come cheer me on during race day. I’ve dreamed of doing the Ironman in Kona as my first full Ironman, but it’s really hard to get into that race, and would be more expensive. Canada is the perfect second choice.

This afternoon Yancy and I did a short, but intense bike ride on Mercer Island. What a beautiful ride! I had a blast speeding around the curves and conquering one of the hills I’ve always hated. Still nervous about next weekend’s BIG ride, but feeling more and more excited. :O) According the the Weight Watchers system, I earned 25 “activity points” today. Kind of hard to explain what that means, but that basically doubles the amount of food I could eat today…. not to worry, I didn’t go splurge… to much. There was a big glass of chocolate milk with dinner, but I’d say I deserved it. 😉

This evening Yancy and I are staying in. We’re watching the Sounders game (in L.A.) and will probably watch the local fireworks on tv. Tomorrow it’s back to “real life” and our jobs. Not sure how this week is going to be. I’m jittery with excitement for next weekend, so may have a hard time staying on task. Also the ophthalmologist I work for will be taking the last two weeks of July off, so this week might end up getting really busy with people trying to squeeze in before she leaves. We’ll see.

One last thing. Today is the 4th of July. I might not be showing my patriotism by going out and lighting fireworks, but I still want to say that I’m proud to be an American. I have never known war at home in my lifetime. I have the privilege to vote and speak freely. I have the ability to pursue my dreams. I have opportunities that many take for granted. I realize that people in other countries would give their lives for the luxuries I enjoy every day. I’m aware of many problems with “the system” but overall, the U.S. is a good place to live and I’m happy to celebrate this day. Thanks to our military men and women who give their lives to keep my freedom safe!


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