Mixed emotions

This week is both speeding by and dragging on! Work days are going excruciatingly slow, but days in general go fast. Now I’m only 2 days away from my birthday and 3 days away from the longest bike ride of my life (& other excitement)! I’ve been stressing out about missing nearly 2 weeks of work at the end of July because the ophthalmologist I work for will be gone…. I mean, that’s a huge chunk of money! Today I talked to the overall clinic manager and worked something out. She’s going to have my coworker & I “cross-train” for those two weeks. That means we’ll get stuck in the call center or on reception, but I’d rather be doing that than sitting at home wondering how to pay my bills. So this is a relief, but still not very fun. Ah well, such is life.

I’ve been very tired this week. Partly from skipping coffee, but I feel I might also be fighting off a cold. Tonight I’m home taking it pretty easy. Just going to do a little housework (so I don’t have as much to do on my b-day), and get some relaxing in. Maybe a movie from Netflix.

Oh, and my garage door stopped working this evening so now I’m stressing about all the stuff out there. Mostly just my bicycle, but also the tool box and motorcycles and stuff… Hope the landlords gets here soon to look at it! Ergh!


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