I stayed home from work today and ended up spending most of my time sleeping (when not coughing). The cat stayed at my side the whole time. Last night and this morning I started wheezing and Yancy suggested I go to the doctor today. It turns out I am having an “asthma flare-up” and need a second inhaler to take on a daily basis.  😦  But if it’s going to help me breath and feel better, I’ll try it. Apparently riding 200+ miles with a cold has pretty serious consequences. But I’m not sure what I would do differently. I was really looking forward to STP for a long time and wasn’t about to let a common cold put me on the sideline. And even though I’m miserable now, I’ll probably look back on the experience without regrets.

I think I’ll try to suffer through work tomorrow. They are really busy and don’t have a replacement for me… I feel really bad for my coworker.

Here’s hoping the new inhaler helps! Good night.


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