So here’s something that has been bothering me this week… as if I didn’t have enough on my plate with being sick and stressed about work/money. Over the last month I have been suffering from mysterious itchy red bumps, appearing at random times of the day, most of them on my arms. I’ve been to the doctor twice without much consolation. The first doctor gave me some prescription strength anti-itch cream and told me to start taking Claritan daily. This didn’t stop new bumps from appearing and only made me tired. The second doctor seemed convinced that I was getting bug bites, which I’ve been in denial of. Yancy has shown NO bumps and the cat hasn’t been scratching. We’ve searched the house for bugs and combed the cat over several times: NO fleas. I haven’t seen a single mosquito and tend to be completely covered when outdoors anyways.

Well… we finally found what we believe to be the source. Bedbugs. After the 2nd or 3rd search of our bed, we actually found 3 bugs hiding in the seams on Wednesday night. We killed and saved them, changed the sheets, and proceeded to have a SLEEPLESS night. I get all itchy just thinking of it! Seriously, it’s hard to describe how I feel, but it’s safe to say that I feel violated. My home is my haven and safe place, and to be attacked here takes away my peace of mind. It’s hard to sleep, I’m itchy all the time, and now I don’t trust my couch or carpets… 😦  We have done lots of laundry and vacuuming. Last night we bought anti-allergen mattress and box spring covers. These completely cover the mattresses and are thick enough that even dust mites can’t get through. We did a heavy duty cleaning of the bedroom and got rid of a carpet and tapestry that bugs may have been hiding in. Last night we were able to get some sleep, but I’m still stressing about the rest of the house. We have an exterminator coming this afternoon and hopefully will get some answers. How do we kill ALL of them? Where did they come from? How can we guarantee they don’t return?

Well, this is my headache for now. Will let you know how it all turns out. But I’ll be happy when I can feel comfortable in my home again. Oh, and that also brings up another subject. There is definitely mildew here in this house and it’s very possible that it’s what re-triggered my asthma. I’ve only had symptoms of “exercise induced asthma” in the last 2 months (which happens to be when we moved here). It mostly only bothers me when I get to breathing hard, but the doctor said this could actually be an allergic reaction to mildew. I’ll be going to an allergist soon to see if this is the case. Not sure how to handle it if so… the mildew seems to be in places we can’t clean without actually tearing the house apart…. more on that later as well.   😦


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