This weekend

I’ve now taken an entire week off of exercise. I’m slowly getting over my cold and the asthma has definitely improved with the full time inhaler. I’m worried how my running fitness will be when I get back to it this week… time will tell. I haven’t had any more bug bites since we put the mattress covers on and had the house sprayed. That’s a relief!

On Saturday Yancy and I were up and showered by 3AM to drive to Chelan and cheer on friends doing the triathlon. It was fun seeing so many friends we made through TNT and watching other random athletes. I watched all but one of the swimmers come out of the lake. I was amazed at the different sizes/shapes/ages/and skill levels of the different athletes. Some looked like they were having fun and others looked like they were suffering. We held up a sign and cheered for HOURS! I didn’t realize how tiring it could be to be a supporter! Have to say thanks to Yancy for being at my previous races for me! It was fun though and very inspiring. And it meant a lot to our friends to have someone cheering and shouting their names during the race. I even had a complete stranger come up to me and say thanks for being there. 🙂  Yancy and I went to a bar & grill for lunch and watched the Sounders game, then went to the house where all our friends were staying. They fed us dinner and we had a nice time hanging out for a bit, but we took off before the real party got started. ;P

Yesterday’s EARLY start and long drives left us pretty tired so we didn’t do much today. Just housework and a little shopping. Work tomorrow is going to be weird… not my regular job. But I get to wear scrubs and sit around all day watching someone else work… could be a long day, could be fun…


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