So today was my first day of training in the call room at the clinic. The calls coming in are the people who get to the main clinic line and press “0” instead of another option to schedule appointments or refill medications. It’s definitely interesting work, but not easy. Sitting for 8 hours is hard! And some of the people calling in just amaze me. Some act like their doctor ought to be sitting around waiting for their call. Others don’t listen to instructions on the phone menu and end up in the wrong system. Others want pills for sleeping, pills for sadness, pills for vertigo, refills on pain meds… and they want the prescriptions given over the phone without a doctor visit… and they want it now….  I’m definitely getting to see a different side of health care that I don’t have to deal with as much in ophthalmology!

My right foot started hurting today. Painful to step on… like the tendons are tight, and it gets worse the longer I sit. Will try stretching tonight and wearing different shoes tomorrow. Hope it gets better fast, cause I need to be training!!!


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