Priorities and Decisions

Over the weekend I had lots of time to think and to talk with Yancy. I’ve been talking about an Ironman for at least a year now, with the goal of doing one when I’m 30… which basically means I’d need to sign up and commit to one in the next 3 months or so. An Ironman is EXPENSIVE. Not only financially, but physically, socially, and emotionally. Towards the end of the training period, you need to be able to commit up to 20 hours a week for exercise. And you need to sleep and eat more healthfully, and you can pretty much kiss your social life goodbye. It was a very hard decision, but I’ve decided to put off doing an Ironman… not forever, but at least until I am more financially and physically ready. A triathlon of that distance is definitely a life goal of mine, but I think the time isn’t right. I get sick too often, I’m often stressed about money, and I could stand to loose some more weight before getting into the more intense exercise schedules.

So right now I am working on simplifying my life, sharpening my focus. I’ve cancelled the 2.5 mile swim in August and a few other events I was considering. Now I can really just focus on 1) getting out of debt 2) training for my marathon in 3 months & 3) getting healthier (both my immune system & weight). That’s really a lot actually! I do love to be busy, but it’s obvious by how often I get sick that my body can’t handle it. I want to have more time at home to cook healthy dinners and spend time with my husband (& maybe do some meditation). I have a way of getting excited about new opportunities and jumping in with both feet. But learning how to slow down, think things through, and take life in moderation is just part of growing up and getting wiser. Maybe not as fun, but that’s ok. I’m a mostly healthy person and should have many years ahead to pursue all my dreams! 🙂


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