Nurse Amy

I made it through the week! Not an easy feat for some reason… feeling in a bit of a funk lately. Just tired and completely lacking in motivation and not feeling very self confident. I’ll break through soon so won’t spend much time complaining. But I will say that I very nearly got into a car accident yesterday. šŸ˜¦ I was driving in the right lane of NE 8th Street in Bellevue and some #$#(&# in a minivan switched lanes and apparently never saw me, even though I was almost level with her. I slammed on the breaks and swerved right without even looking. LUCKILY there happened to be a driveway right there and no pedestrians! I was less than a block from the grocery store I had planned to stop at… when I got out of the car I was shaking so bad! It really rattled me to realize how close that one was. Man I’m lucky, but my heart could use less stress!

Today Yancy had all four of his wisdom teeth taken out. Apparently 3 of the teeth came out smoothly, but the fourth had to be cracked and yanked hard. Poor Yancy is suffering. The good news is that he responds well to Codeine and is able to keep the pain mostly at bay. So today and tomorrow I get to play Nurse Amy and feed him soft foods. He’s tough and will get through fine, but I’ll grant him a little babying for a bit. šŸ™‚

So after about two weeks of rest/laziness, I’m getting my nose back to the grindstone tomorrow with marathon practice. We’ll see how the asthma does. I missed Weight Watchers today, but have this bad feeling that I gained weight this week. Maybe I can find a meeting this weekend and face the reality and get myself re-motivated. Not sure why, but this seems to happen every summer. It’s like the “summer blues.” I tend to go into self-destructive behavior… eating & drinking too much and being lazy. But this year I have a marathon to think about. And the Weight Watchers scale to keep me on track.

On a more positive note: I’ve recently spent some time looking through old blog entries and photos. I really have lost a lot of weight and look way better!! Sure I still have a lot of work to do, but it’s good to celebrate my success too!

And here’s a fun picture for the day.Ā  Makes me smile every time I see it.

From a Seattle tour last summer. :O)


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