Feeling great!

I ran/walked 10 miles at marathon practice today (3 min run/ 1 min walk intervals)! We were supposed to be out for 160 minutes (2 hours, 40 minutes), but I finished the 9 mile course quicker than I had thought. So I went out for a cool down walk to bring my distance up to 10 miles, and still ended up 10 minutes short. Ah well. I felt really good too and actually enjoyed the run! Only complaint was that my left hip got a little tight around mile 7. Did some stretches and feel pretty good now. Already excited to go hiking tomorrow!

Weight Watchers was a little disappointing, but nothing dramatic. I had expected a loss, but instead got a 0.6 pound gain. I’ll admit I didn’t have the best week, but just thought that the running would have made a bigger impact. Ah well, life goes on and hopefully next week will be better. I’m still feeling strong and healthy. And while I ran today I thought about the fact that I did a half ironman triathlon last month and and 200+ mile bike ride earlier this month! And now I’m running strong for 9-10 miles!      I am hardcore!!!   :O)


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