Back to work…

It’s back to work today… Not because I’m feeling better, but I’m tired of laying around the house. Yancy’s taking another day off of work. Tonight we’re supposed to go to a Mariners game with my coworkers, but that depends on how we’re feeling. Gotta hurry up and get better! I have a marathon in something like 47 days!!! Yikes!


Home sick

Both Yancy and I called out from work today. He was busy all weekend with PAX and I mostly rested all weekend, but still we’re more miserable today than we’ve been so far. It was a light day at my work and they won’t even miss me, but Yancy’s feeling kind of bad being gone on his busiest day. This is his first sick day in as long as I can remember. So today, it’s lots of tea and laying on the couch watching tv show re-runs on Netflix.


Yancy and I have come down with ANOTHER cold. I’m a bit pissed because my last cold was less than two months ago. Wish I had a stronger immune system! This weekend Yancy is having fun at PAX (a gaming convention) with thousands of other geeks in Seattle. And I’m staying home and perfecting the art of being lazy. I literally laid on the couch for most of the day yesterday watching movies and the soccer game (which the Sounders totally rocked). My big event of the day was taking Yancy to the bus in the morning and picking him up at night. Oh, and getting my hair trimmed at a walk in hair salon on the way home.

Actually this weekend has been a big disappointment for me. On Friday I slaved away cooking for my spaghetti feed fundraiser at work. The sauce came out amazing, but the noodles were a disaster. The water wouldn’t boil and I probably tried cooking too many noodles at one time. What should have taken 15-20 minutes took about 45 minutes and the noodles still weren’t cooked completely. So I packed them up in the hot water and brought them anyways. I was 45 minutes late for my own event. And I really HATE being late! The turn out was pretty lame and even with generous donations from certain coworkers, I still only raised $162. (I had hoped for twice that) And to top off a disappointing day, I managed to spill all the leftover sauce in the truck of my car of my car on the way home! I cleaned it out of the car, but left it sitting in the garage. Yesterday I couldn’t bring myself to go deal with it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Oh, ya and I skipped marathon practice. This mostly because of my cold, but also because the 520 bridge is closed so it would be a very long drive to get to where the Team practiced. Lame excuses, I know, that’s why I’m so disappointed in myself. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Today I drove with Yancy all the way down town because the Sunday bus schedule would have him missing a lot of his convention. I’m going to do a little bit of house work and then go to my marathon team “half-way party.” I sent in the recommitment paperwork and I’m officially registered for the Nike Women’s marathon on 10/16/11 in Sanย  Francisco! I still have a lot of money to raise and a lot of miles to run. So I better get off the computer and get my butt in gear.ย  ttfn

Still alive

Hmmm, looks like I’ve been neglecting my blog. I have a confession to make…. I got caught up in a good book, well two good books. Most of my free time these last two weeks was spent reading. It was a nice “get-away.” The books were Wildwood Dancing & Cybele’s Secret by Juliet Marillier, a little historical fantasy with some fairytale and romance sprinkled in.

Last weekend was pretty low key. On Friday I saw the chiropractor about my knee which seems to be doing better. On Saturday I decided to walk for marathon practice, got a whole 13.24 miles in! And I’m happy with that. My knee is feeling good. I’m hoping to run next weekend. Sunday afternoon Yancy and I went to a BBQ fundraiser. It was fun to sit outdoors and socialize.

Sorry for the short, boring post… Hopefully next weekend will be more adventurous. For now, I just have to make it through another week. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tamale Day

I survived another big tamale production! Well, almost. There are still some big pots to wash… but why do today what can be put off until tomorrow? I taught a tamale cooking class as a fundraiser and had 5 participants. I had planned for 10 and had too much materials and snacks, but it’s all good. Now I get to make enchiladas with the leftover meat. And maybe I can take the chips & dip to work to fatten up some coworkers instead of my self. Payback baby!ย  ๐Ÿ˜› And I’m enjoying another glass of sangria (which got a lot of compliments). I’m feeling tired from all the work, but happy that it’s done. The next big production is a spaghetti feed at work next Friday.

Fun day

I walked for today’s marathon practice, just short of 6.5 miles. The knee bothered me again on uneven surfaces and started really aching around mile 5 so I cut the planned 2.5 hour walk down to 2 hours. Ah well, it was still nice to get outside and I’m thankful that I am fit enough to call a 6.5 mile walk “taking it easy.” Seriously, it’d be easy to get frustrated with an injury slowing me down when I was just starting to enjoy my long runs. But I’m working hard to keep a positive attitude. I had a really nice talk with one of my teammates this morning and she reminded me, that sometimes we need to give ourselves “permission” to not overachieve or push too hard. It’s ok to be where I’m at right now, which IS a good place. I do have big dreams, but it’s ok to take my time getting there. Might as well enjoy the ride. Enjoy the company for a walk, enjoy the scenery, enjoy not being too tired after rushing around too much. I bet if we all took a moment to look around, we’d find things in our lives that bring us joy, little things that we were too busy to recognize. So let’s slow down a bit and enjoy life. Let go of stress and enjoy that loose, relaxed feeling that comes over you.

This afternoon I spent some time with Yancy, the love of my life. He’s kind of in a hard place right now too. The wisdom tooth ordeal is just starting to get better, but he’s spent so much time sitting around in pain, it’s going to be hard to get active again. And like me, he’s stressed about money and his job. In spite of it all we managed to have a really nice day. After watching the Sounders game and running some errands, went to Seattle and played a few rounds of pool at a friend’s fund-raising event. I even WON a game! We both SUCK at pool, but still had a good time. And now we’re home just chilling out. He’s got me addicted to a new show called Eureka, a fun sci-fi tv series. We’re watching it on Netflix, so no commercials which is a total win.

And tomorrow I get to SLEEP IN! SCORE!!!ย  :O)


I went to the asthma/allergy specialist today and was retested for all the common allergies… and found to be negative. The doctor also feels, like I do, that “exercise induced asthma” is odd since I didn’t just start exercising a few months ago when the symptoms started…. So we’re back to square one with no idea where my symptoms are coming from. The doctor thinks it’s Vocal Cord Dysfunction (VCD). I did some reading and it makes perfect sense. The good news is I get to stop the full time inhaler and nasal spray. Still going to use my Albuterol inhaler before exercise because it does seem to help. I go to another specialist on 9/7/11 who can verify if it’s VCD. In the meantime I’ll pay closer attention to my symptoms. VCD has many suspected causes and ranges in severity. The way to tell the difference from asthma is actually pretty easy. VCD makes it difficult to get enough air IN (ding, ding, light bulb is going off) and asthma makes it hard to get the air OUT. The inhale/exhale test they’ve had me do at the doctors offices shows I have normal lung function. And my symptoms really have to do with how much air is getting down into my lungs. I’m not very short of breath, there is wheezing sometimes, but mostly I just feel like I’m breathing through mesh or mud and just can’t get enough oxygen. If I slow down and concentrate on breathing, I’m usually ok. The other good news about this new possible diagnosis is that it’s treatable without medications. Usually with speech therapy and breathing exercises. One article I read said that many people get rid of their symptoms in less than 6 months! Often people have VCD symptoms with exercise. Onset might be caused by stress…. and I have been stressed lately. But who knows, we’ll find out more next month. In the meantime I’m happy to get off the Flovent inhaler.

Tomorrow morning I go walk with the Team. Yippy. I was just starting to get into this running thing! But I don’t need a knee injury at this point in the game, so I’m going to take it easy and follow the doctor’s advice. I also have lots of busy work to do to prepare for Sunday’s tamale cooking class.

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