Still alive…

I’m still here, still struggling with keeping a positive attitude this week, but better than I was last week. Work has been very busy and I’m already looking forward to the weekend… another 4 day weekend. Getting tired of the non-paid days off because the doctor is out. I wonder if it’s time to start looking for something new. But the thought alone stresses me out. Even with all my complaints about my job, it’s the best place I’ve ever worked. My pay and benefits are really good too. Definitely love those massages every other week! But I feel like I have too much stress and I come home too tired most days. I’ll keep thinking on it… not going to do anything rash. But if I don’t look out for my own well-being, who will?

Speaking of wellness, I am very frustrated with my recent onset of right knee pain. It started less than half way through last Saturday’s 12 mile training run (from Yancy’s dad’s place near Oroville to Tonasket), and seemed aggravated by running on uneven surfaces. I iced it well and took 2 days of rest. Today I ran intervals again and started having pain about 20 minutes into my run. (still doing 3 minute run & 1 minute walk intervals) And there were a few sharp pains towards the end of practice. NOT GOOD.  😦  I’m going to call tomorrow and try to see the physical therapist. In the meantime I can at least keep walking and keep icing it. Wish me luck. Marathon training could get very frustrating if I have a knee injury.

Yancy is having ongoing issues after having his teeth taken out. The one with dry socket is healing very slow and he’s uncomfortable. It’s so hard to see him suffering. I just wish there was something I could do!

Sorry for the negative post… honestly, that’s why I haven’t been posting much lately… don’t like to blog when I’m not feeling chipper. But this is me. This is why I need to learn to manage stress and keep my head in a positive place. And on that note, I’m heading to bed for a good night’s rest before another busy day!


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