I made it to the weekend! Today was actually pretty low key, bought some exercise clothes from Target, went into work for a few hours (doctor is off again), went home and took a loooong nap, did laundry and dishes, and cooked dinner. That’s about it. Tomorrow on the other hand will be VERY busy. And I’ve been procrastinating… Have to put my tamale recipe down on paper so that other people can follow it. This is a harder job than I thought it’d be. I tend to cook by sight and smell, without measurements. So I have to estimate how much spices and ingredients go into a batch of tamales. Plus I need to get all the details together and supplies for the tamale making class that I’m teaching on Sunday. It’ll be fun, but right now I’m kind of stressing the small stuff. Plus tomorrow is the day I go to the asthma/allergy specialist in search of answers. I just hope to get a doctor who will respect my time and sit down and actually talk to me instead of whizzing in and out of the room. I’m also having my knee looked at by the chiropractor tomorrow. I walked last night instead of running and it’s starting to hurt sometimes even on flat surfaces. It feels better today, but I still skipped tonight’s run and will cross my fingers that rest is all I needed.

Last weekend I had a nice long phone conversation with my good friend Paula. I’ve been thinking of something she said. “Everyone has their ups and downs.” It’s life, it’s normal. These hard times for me will pass and I’ll be back to my ‘happy-go-lucky’ self soon enough.  :O)


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