Fun day

I walked for today’s marathon practice, just short of 6.5 miles. The knee bothered me again on uneven surfaces and started really aching around mile 5 so I cut the planned 2.5 hour walk down to 2 hours. Ah well, it was still nice to get outside and I’m thankful that I am fit enough to call a 6.5 mile walk “taking it easy.” Seriously, it’d be easy to get frustrated with an injury slowing me down when I was just starting to enjoy my long runs. But I’m working hard to keep a positive attitude. I had a really nice talk with one of my teammates this morning and she reminded me, that sometimes we need to give ourselves “permission” to not overachieve or push too hard. It’s ok to be where I’m at right now, which IS a good place. I do have big dreams, but it’s ok to take my time getting there. Might as well enjoy the ride. Enjoy the company for a walk, enjoy the scenery, enjoy not being too tired after rushing around too much. I bet if we all took a moment to look around, we’d find things in our lives that bring us joy, little things that we were too busy to recognize. So let’s slow down a bit and enjoy life. Let go of stress and enjoy that loose, relaxed feeling that comes over you.

This afternoon I spent some time with Yancy, the love of my life. He’s kind of in a hard place right now too. The wisdom tooth ordeal is just starting to get better, but he’s spent so much time sitting around in pain, it’s going to be hard to get active again. And like me, he’s stressed about money and his job. In spite of it all we managed to have a really nice day. After watching the Sounders game and running some errands, went to Seattle and played a few rounds of pool at a friend’s fund-raising event. I even WON a game! We both SUCK at pool, but still had a good time. And now we’re home just chilling out. He’s got me addicted to a new show called Eureka, a fun sci-fi tv series. We’re watching it on Netflix, so no commercials which is a total win.

And tomorrow I get to SLEEP IN! SCORE!!!  :O)


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