Happy Friday!

It’s a beautiful day in Seattle and it’s Friday: my day off. 🙂  This morning I slept in until 9:30!!! I’m doing some housework this morning, but hoping to get outside in the sunshine this afternoon. I’m sitting here listening to music and enjoying the first cup of coffee I’ve made for myself with the french press (this spoiled girl usually has her husband make the coffee).

Another week has flown by! Now I’m only 16 days away from my marathon! Starting to get the jittery excitement already. But I’m also a little nervous because I’ve been skipping some training lately. Mostly because I’ve been so stinking tired lately. Not sure if it’s from a medicine I take or something else, but I’m working with the doctor on it. I think we’ve ruled out anemia and she tested my thyroid again. Other than being tired so often and having a weak immune system I’m actually very healthy. 🙂 Oh and some more good news, I don’t seem to be having the asthma issues any more. The specialist thought it was vocal cord dysfunction which can be aggravated by certain things (like post nasal drip) which we are working on treating. I’ve been doing breathing exercises to work on “belly breathing” and “open throat breathing”  to build muscle memory and relax certain muscles while I’m exercising. It’s helping already and I’m excited about what this will do for my future sport events. Breathing better will help me go faster and farther and feel better. 🙂

I’ve sort of skipped 2 weeks of weight watchers now and may have gained a little weight. My scrubs at work are too tight. I know how badly I need to be dieting, but I’m really struggling with that right now. With all the nervous excitement about the marathon, thinking about fund-raising, stress at work (and about other things), and a busy schedule… I feel a little overwhelmed. After my marathon is over the plan is to take some time off from racing events and just work on my health. I will commit to DOING weight watchers. I’ll go to the gym for weight training and swimming and core work. I’m hoping to get into a yoga class. And I’m planning to set some time aside for daily meditation.

I’ve gotten lots of compliments on my hair cut. It’s so short that it’s kind of shocking. I really like it, but still trying to get used to the lack of hair. I’ve always run my hands through my hair, now there’s not much there… and I only have one style. But it’s super easy, cute, and a little edgy.

This weekend and next week are going to be super fun! Marathon practice tomorrow is “only” 80 minutes. We have a game night planned with friends for Saturday. Tuesday I’m taking the day off of work and spending time with friends before the big Sounders game. Thursday it looks like I get to go shadow in the sports medicine/ physical therapy department of Virginia Mason (to research on my future career). Hope all my readers are having a good weekend!  🙂



After mulling this over for a while I made the decision to get a very short hair cut. Trying to get rid of all the died hair and keep things simple for all my exercise. The new do is a big shock, but I like it.

Soccer & blood

Yancy and I got the unexpected opportunity yesterday to go to the Sounders game. Our friends Mike & Joey have season tickets and weren’t able to make it, so offered us the tickets. Great seats, beautiful evening, and a nice date with my husband.. too bad the Sounders lost 1:0 to a team from Costa Rica. Ah well, they’ve been playing like champs this year and in this particular league they’d already won 3 of 3 games… can’t win ’em all.  😛

That’s really the highlight of my week. I had a tough couple days at work. Some days I think I want to start looking for something new and other days I really like my job. I guess most of us feel this way at times. I just have to be patient and keep my head.

My ankle seems about back to normal after it’s issue on Saturday. My theory is that I had a mild strain caused by my stupid idea of loosening my shoe laces. I have a spot on the top of my foot that hurts when my laces are too tight and thought that loosening all the laces might help, but this also took a lot of the stability out of my shoe. You know me, I like to learn some lessons the hard way, it’s how I roll.

Yancy and I got our blood lab results back yesterday. I just had my fasting glucose and iron tested. The sugars were 86 which is great (& lower than previous years) and the letter said my iron levels were normal, but I don’t have any data to compare it to. I tried doing an internet search to find normal ranges, but got overwhelmed with all the time wasting web sites out there. Any suggestions??? Yancy was doing well in all his tests expect the HDL (good cholesterol). We need to look again at our diets and see what we can do to help those HDL levels go back up.

Ok, I’m off to work for another exciting day. Yipee!

Catch up

Last weekend I did 11.25 miles at marathon practice on Saturday and then a 10k race on Sunday with my friend Stephanie (who was filling in for my mom for the Irongirl race). That makes a 17.5 mile weekend. 🙂 I didn’t really train over the week… because I was lazy… no other excuse. I have to admit I’m really looking forward to getting this marathon behind me so I can just have a “normal” life. Training for a marathon can easily consume you. Yesterday was supposed to be my longest training run of the season: 4.5 HOURS. I called it quits after about 9.6 miles due to some weird pain above my left ankle. I think it’s some sort of strain. Unlike my IT band issue with my knee, this pain didn’t go away when I slowed down. Being only a month away from my marathon I don’t want to risk an injury. I’m going to try another long run on Tuesday morning and maybe go see the chiropractor this week.

After practice Yancy picked me up and we went straight home for showers and lunch before heading out to Grand Coulee, a four hour drive. We have two friends competing in the Ironman distance Grand Colombian Triathlon. We missed their swim and bikes, but got to see both Cat & Karin at the halfway point of their marathon and cheer them on again at the finish line. We actually spent about 6 hours hanging around the finish line, cheering in strangers and waiting for our friends. Yancy and I had a good time and I’ve come away feeling inspired. I’m looking forward to doing an iroman someday. It’s not going to be very soon though. After this marathon I’m going to take a little break from racing. I need to focus on my health. Getting better sleep, eating better, doing strength training and core work. Yancy and need to work more on our debt and reduce stress. When I train for my ironman, it’s going to take up all my free time so I need to get other things in order first.

Since we didn’t get to bed until after 2:30am this morning we decided to sleep in and didn’t even set an alarm. I woke up around 12:30pm… Can’t remember the last time I slept so late! And I’m still trying to find the motivation to do much (just have dishes and laundry to do).  😛   Looking forward to dinner tonight with friends.

1 month!

Ooops, it’s been a whole 2 weeks since my last post. I’ve kind of been taking a break from my computer. It’s been good. Today I’m thinking about my marathon in ONE MONTH! Tomorrow is my longest practice, the peak of the season, then we start tapering down for the big day. I’m also thinking a lot of my friends, the Guttromson family. We’ve lost a wonderful young woman to cancer this week. 😦 Sara was a little younger than me and had a daughter who will be 2 in November, and a loving husband who was holding her in his arms as she passed. Sara’s been fighting this cancer for a little over the year and died in pain on Wednesday morning. I’m so sad that with all the medical advances we’ve made, there still wasn’t a cure for this young, healthy, strong woman. All of Sara and Jake’s family are Christians and I am finding myself cynical of a god that would let her die. Lots to think about.

Gotta run now for my dental cleaning. Will try to post more later.

Finding what was lost

I’ve been a negative place for a while (thus the lack of posts). This week was especially miserable due to being sick. But overall my life recently has left me unsatisfied. I can’t quite understand why. I have a great husband who loves being with me, I have a dependable job, a home, and I’m an athlete. This year I did my second half iron triathlon, biked 204 miles in one weekend, did a half marathon, and am only 6 weeks away from my first full marathon. What can I be unhappy about? Sure there’s stress about money… but my problems are pretty insignificant when compared to other people’s. It’s true I’m not happy with my body… even if it can do triathlons and other crazy endurance events. I’m overweight and really struggling to control my eating. As active as I am, I’m also super lazy, a trait that I despise in others. Maybe that’s my problem, I expect more of myself and feel bad when I don’t meet my own standards. I’ve been struggling with a lot of negativity lately, but it’s starting to get better. I don’t like to be “the complainer” but I think talking to others will help me sort things out. In today’s Weight Watchers meeting (where the scale reported yet another 0.4 pound gain) I spoke up and asked people how they deal with feeling down and finding motivation. It was scarey to mention such a personal problem to a bunch of strangers, but many of them reached out to me. I received a loud and clear message that I’m not alone in these feelings. I need to remember the things I enjoy and spend more time doing those things. I need to get outside more often. And especially I need to find something other than food to turn to.

Also today I’ve been watching reruns of a tv show about obese people who are put into a 6 month program to get healthy. These people have some pretty heavy psychological burdens… why else would someone destroy their body like that? I don’t want to become one of those sad people. I am young and mostly healthy and have a lot to live for. So today I’m grabbing hold of my motivation with both hands. I may be coughing up a lung and using a whole box of klenex at tomorrow’s marathon practice, but I’m going to go and give my 100% effort.


I’ve almost made it through the work week. With a miserable cold, work has been pretty tough. They don’t have anyone to cover my shift so I’m working half days yesterday and today. I hardly have a voice and all I want to do is crawl back into bed. While I’m whining, I’d just like to ask why it’s so dark in the mornings now??? I mean, it feels like we never even got a summer here and it’s already Fall. 😦

Ok rant is done. I’m heading to work now with as much of a positive attitude as I can muster. Looking forward to a few days rest, then hopefully some camping with my parents over the Labor Day weekend.