Soccer & blood

Yancy and I got the unexpected opportunity yesterday to go to the Sounders game. Our friends Mike & Joey have season tickets and weren’t able to make it, so offered us the tickets. Great seats, beautiful evening, and a nice date with my husband.. too bad the Sounders lost 1:0 to a team from Costa Rica. Ah well, they’ve been playing like champs this year and in this particular league they’d already won 3 of 3 games… can’t win ’em all.  😛

That’s really the highlight of my week. I had a tough couple days at work. Some days I think I want to start looking for something new and other days I really like my job. I guess most of us feel this way at times. I just have to be patient and keep my head.

My ankle seems about back to normal after it’s issue on Saturday. My theory is that I had a mild strain caused by my stupid idea of loosening my shoe laces. I have a spot on the top of my foot that hurts when my laces are too tight and thought that loosening all the laces might help, but this also took a lot of the stability out of my shoe. You know me, I like to learn some lessons the hard way, it’s how I roll.

Yancy and I got our blood lab results back yesterday. I just had my fasting glucose and iron tested. The sugars were 86 which is great (& lower than previous years) and the letter said my iron levels were normal, but I don’t have any data to compare it to. I tried doing an internet search to find normal ranges, but got overwhelmed with all the time wasting web sites out there. Any suggestions??? Yancy was doing well in all his tests expect the HDL (good cholesterol). We need to look again at our diets and see what we can do to help those HDL levels go back up.

Ok, I’m off to work for another exciting day. Yipee!


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